Monday, July 11, 2016

Complete Wellness and Peace

I love music...
and modern dance; well modern dance which is mixed with classical movement.
But, then again, as a former dancer, I suppose it makes sense. The life as a dancer is short-lived; as is the life as an athlete.
I'm also drawn to theatre and film; two more things which add joy to my life. Art - paintings
depending on what it is, can move me, as I suppose it can for everyone.
But, the thing which can also feed my soul is being naked in the outdoors.
In a forest glen or field
on a rocky outcrop of a hillside
on a beach
or even in my own back yard.
And when my cock gets hard
sex is so much more delicious. Masturbating becomes something new, something special.
 Slow, tantalizing, tender and loving attention...the hands wandering, exploring, touching and stroking.
A slow, slow building of energy
to an explosive, toe-curling fountain of cum, raining down on my torso.
Shot after shot, the warm splattering of it covering me from chin to nuts.
At the absolute end - after the cock has softened but still tumescent, the balls have lowered - a great deep breath, letting it out in a long, satisfied sigh.
The entire body feels at ease, of a complete wellness and peace.


Imagination said...

Congratulations to this empathetic step by step guide with stimulating words and pictures!

You lead the reader on the way from music and dance through various forms of art, out into the open, in natural nudity and in beautiful nature. Then erection happens followed by slow stroking of the hard-on, accompanied and carried by the waves of desire and pleasure. Finally you guide us to the climax - the splash of sperm - until resolution and relax.

This soulful leader has caused with me a slowly swelling erection, the irrepressible desire for masturbation and celebration of passionate wanking until completion. THANKS VERY MUCH!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!


AOM said...

All the wonderful things that make life worth living - especially enjoying nature as nature intended - naked. Great post expressing the joys of making love to ourselves in the great outdoors. Wishing you a delicious bonerific day, my brother. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Terrific post! (Jerry and I will be naked in our new backyard as much as possible.)


Another wonderful post, my friend! Love the way you have put it all together - text & pictures so well matched! I hope you had a good weekend! Quite cold here with even colder days on the way. Will be going for a hearing test tomorrow! Have had hearing aids now for four years! Hugs across cyberspace! Patrick

Fluffy33 said...

A very calming and peaceful post.

French Patrick said...

A well filled timetable, especially if we add all the activities that you did not mention. The least we can say is that you do not have to be often bored, and I am delighted at it for you.
I shish you a wondrous day, Beeb, as well as to our beloved Jean, with many many bisous.

Jean WM said...

Great pics! Mother nature provides a way for us all to relax and for pleasure on-demand for free! We must not let that gift go unused. Hugs bisous to Pat and Patrick.

Anonymous said...

great post