Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Reader Request

Our second question comes from Faithful Reader Stan in reference to my post about Tantra Yoga and that boners are not only welcomed, but encouraged: "All very well and good for  most people. But what about older men that for one reason or other can no longer get an erection? Can they sill participate?"
My response was: "Of course older guys are welcome. I'll be 64 come October, and there are four other guys in their late 50's (at least), and one in his 70's. Erections aren't a necessity. One need not feel that he MUST get a hard-on; some of the men in our classes don't.

That's part of what I truly enjoy about this. If you get a boner, wonderful; if you don't, it's not a big deal. Quite the reversal of the typical naked yoga classes wherein the FAQs always make some sort of statement like, "if you get a boner, it's no big deal.""
But, the other thing that makes it possible for older men to participate is that not all poses are strenuous.

Or require you wrap yourself up like a pretzel

Many poses are easy to achieve

 and partner-supported



Additionally, you should always tell your Yogi before class begins of any physical limitations or medical conditions you have. My instructor knows of my M.D., and he keeps a very close watch over me during classes.
I know several of you readers out there do yoga, and practice Tantra.
Let Stan hear about your experience(s).


AOM said...

Excellent advice - being free to be naked with each other - freedom to be - no worries - we are all normal and natural. Thanks for promoting positive healthy attitudes. Wishing you a delicious bonerific day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

French Patrick said...

Having been M.I.A during two days, I wanted not to add a third day.

Being 70yo, I trusted that I am well positioned to know some little yhings in this matter, and I was going to say that your answer to Stan is perfect.

But I don't dare. Why? Since the moment when Donald Trump has said that "France is no longer France" I doubt everything, especially my own trustworthiness. The twat that I am was sure that France was still France. LOL, how stupid I am, isn't it? This was a real eye-opener, thank you mister Donald.

I should probably stop talking right now and stick to my own. But you know what is the force of habit? After all, it is a wish and not the expression of a conviction, thus my credibility is not in question, therefore I cannot refrain from wishing you an excellent day, my darling, as well as to Jean, our wonder woman, with uncountable bisous.


Very interesting! I'm sure that they exist here but have not been able to find one! All a bit late now! At 82! Well what is possible? Early Friday morning here! Cold but sunny! 9C at present! Another month almost over. Thanks for your visits and comments. Visits have fallen off this week!!!! WHY!

Xersex said...

so true! Everyone is wellcum here, I think!

Fullmoonma said...

I'm going on 74, and am doing another Body Electric workshop in a few weeks at the Gay Naturist International gathering in PA. I'll be taking extra Cialis during the whole week and expect to show some hardons in and out of class. It's suggested that we go "across the lake" for observable erotic play. Don't tell the BE instructor - I'm supposed to forgo my usual daily Cialis during their workshop! At my last tantric workshop the instructor was sex and hardon phobic - he was under the mistaken impression that there was a "higher" practice of tantra that did not engage erotic energy. At my naked yoga class I sometimes glimpse or show a swollen cock, but usually we're too challenged by the poses. Didn't show or see any hardons at the world naked bike ride.

So, there's a spread of views on hardons in naked activities - general acceptance of presence or absence - overlaid by the personal hang-ups of the instructors. If you're unable to get a hardon I would especially recommend BE workshops - even though this is a place where hardons are celebrated. If your body isn't doing them, learning how to cultivate erotic energy and love your body in its current configuration is particularly important.

whkattk said...

@ fullmoonma - I second that! Even should your cock not rise, a BE workshop will help you cultivate the energy, and help you to learn to love yourself.