Friday, July 29, 2016

The Erection Scale

Stan also reminded me that once in a while I should include more than just the "young studs" in my posts.


While all the youngsters are lovely to look at, sometimes we need a reminder that we men may get older but we don't lose our interest in sexual things.
What does happen is that our Testosterone levels begin to wane in our mid-to-late forties. Then blood flow to the genitals diminishes, resulting in boners that no longer quite measure up on the Erection Scale.
As the commercials for Cialis state, "Oftentimes erectile dysfunction can be a matter of blood flow."
But, there are things we can do to stave off, or at least minimize, the effects of aging on our man parts
Kegels. You should begin doing Kegel exercises. Do them every day. This will strengthen the penile anchoring tendons and suspensory ligaments.
Exercise, and healthy diet, of course. But, the old adage "If you don't use it, you lose it" is spot on. Once the hormone rush of our teen years has left, we continue to get spontaneous boners. But, our minds become preoccupied with work and family life and we don't pay much attention to them. Those semi-hard spontaneous erections are still doing their job of supplying the spongeosum tissues with oxygen-rich blood, but they don't fill out as hard.
You can do your future self a favor, though, by deliberately working up a good, solid, raging hard-on at least twice per day - every day to supplement the nighttime boners.


Masturbating helps keep your cock in good health, whether you ejaculate
or not.


mistress maddie said...

You got that right......use it or lose it! O still in my early forties still jack off twice a day sometimes three times when I don't have any of many boys here. And sometimes I don't always climax. I will edge for some time, just to tease my cock and het it hard. No issues here yet. Have s good weekend to you and your readers.

French Patrick said...

All this is very interesting and, undoubtedly, very true. The only thing what I have a problem with is the question to know when I shall be forty five years old. But everything is well noted and I shall do my best for remembering all this on that day.
In this wait, mes chéris, I wish you and Jean a wondrous day with a lot of bisous sent from a country wich is no longer itself, what will not facilitate the task of the post office.


7.15 a.m. Saturday here! Another cold night and morning, but the sun is shining! Another great post! Yes! Keep using it as long as you can!!! Have a restful weekend, my friend!

OH! Numbers increased again yesterday!!!!

Jean WM said...

Yes French Patrick, France is still France. At least I hope so since I will be there this winter! Trump....what can I say. I just hope when I watch the Inauguration of the new U.S. president next January in France, Trump will be starting his new reality show on life after losing an election.

Even our male Republican candidates are obsessed with "size" smirking at each other hands as indicators. Geez. Love you too, Pat and Patrick. These mature guys still have the right stuff.

Semper Veri said...

I have found during the last few years (I'm 37) it takes more of an intimate connection to fully turn me on/get a full erection. I am wondering if this is just an emotional need or E.D. Actually I began to notice it more so when I began serious weight lifting about 2 years ago but I am having a difficult time finding any worthy info on the possible correlation between lifting weights/testosterone production/erection ability. I would love any input.

Xersex said...

sometimes my dick could cut diamonds, the only problem I can have is when I'm very tired! Thanks for your very interesting comment here
Happy saturgay

Fullmoonma said...

Aging has definitely effected my erotic life and my boners, but there was a big change in my boners when I started blood pressure medication in my 50's. Not surprised that my MD didn't advise or ask about this, and it took a while to make the connection. Also annoying that the drug benefit for ED is 4 pills a month and the cost even with the benefit was a lot more than the BP meds. But the world wide web came to my assistance. A word to the wise...

SickoRicko said...

Hot post with good pointers! (pun intended)

Mark Greene said...

1,8,9,10 I would lock them up for about a month and have my way with them any way I please.........Might not happen. But a boy can dream!

Great post.

The Male Casting Couch

Jimc C said...

I thank you for putting guys in who are closer to my age (69). We can be just as handsome and gorgeous as the younger ones and to my mind, even hotter.

Anonymous said...

Love mature guys agree to show them more