Thursday, July 14, 2016

Self-expression of the Penile Kind

The things some men will do to themselves in the name of self-expression can be pretty awesome. I've often thought of getting a small tattoo on my abdomen, but that's about as far as I'd go.
In an email, Faithful Reader, Frank, told me he attended a clothing optional pool party - of course, everybody was nude - and saw a guy who has a lightening bolt tattoo on both sides of his cock. Self-expression of the penile kind. Frank asked him about it and the guy said getting it done didn't hurt at all.

Well, I'm with Frank. I know the top and sides of the shaft aren't as sensitive as the head and underside, but I couldn't imagine someone taking a tattoo gun to my cock. But, we know many men do. When I accompanied a friend while she had one done below her left breast, the tattoo artist told us of a man who asked for a cock tattoo. The vibrations caused an erection, which actually made it easier to do the inking. But when the guy ejaculated, the artist got angry and tossed him out. He assumed (wrongly, I believe) that the client was into pain. It was a spontaneous ejaculation strictly caused by sensations of the gun vibrating resulting in a physiological response over which the man had no control. Essentially, the man was using a vibrator on his client's cock.


Do any of you readers out there have tattoos?



What about on your cock?


Of course, some men really go overboard.
And, some, have a little fun with it.


Let us hear from you.


French Patrick said...

Happy Bastille day.
You know that, among others things (military parades, fireworks, etc.), today we traditionally go to dance in the fire stations which are turned into so much nightclubs?
Bisous, Pat. Bisous Jean.


No! No tats! Certainly not there! Saw my doctor yesterday! Had blood and urine tests! Results next week! Thanks for your visits and comments!

Imagination said...

I have no tatoo, neither on my body nor on my cock.
Nevertheless a tatoo sometimes can be sexy. That reveals once again your amazing compilation of tattooed cocks. So the shapeshifter appears as a dangerous weapon, a pointed spear, an agile elephant trunk. GREAT! My favorite picture is the cock as part of a military painting (photos 3 & 4). Outstanding to penetrate the target.
Your selected photos are real cock artwork!

AOM said...

No tattoos here, just not for me. I hope you are having a lovely bonerific day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

It's hard to improve on Mother Nature. Some of these are really great. I would do it and then see one I liked better! It really takes a good artist.

So sorry French Patrick, looks like France celebrates today and then another terrible attack. I was going to wish you a great Bastille Day and now this. Hope all is going well with you. Bisous, my thoughts with you. .

SickoRicko said...

I have a tat of my own design on my right calf. I can even imagine putting one on my cock!

French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM,
I live nearby Paris, far from Nice (pronounce "neece") which is on the French Riviera. The mother and the brother of my adoptive son (with his wife and his two babies) live in Nice. It's also the town of my son's childhood and he has many friends in Nice. I worried all night long, but this morning, we called them all by phone and all had nothing, excepted a colleague of the brother of my son. Thank you so very much for your concern. Many many bisous, my favorite lady, and I wish you a wondrous weekend.
Bisou, Pat.

Anonymous said...

I’m always fascinated by people who get tattoos, especially those who are heavily inked, but have never gotten one myself. As I always joke, I can’t even put a bumper sticker on my car, how would I ever get a tattoo?

Chris said...

I despise approximately 98% of all tats. Once in a while I will see a Polynesian one that's attractive, but by and large they are an abomination. Other than minimalist ones like your photo #8, they represent a negative as compared with the natural, undyed skin.

Tex said...

No tattoos here either.