Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Savored, Not Rushed

The most exquisite sex - for me, anyway - is spontaneous; it just happens. It's the same with masturbation. It's not planned out; no time is set for it. It's savored, not hurried in any way. 



You're simply lying around and a hand lazily wanders to the crotch, your cock responds, and sometimes - before you even realize it - you're slowly stroking away and relishing the pleasure.

Explore yourself. Savor the sensations, revel in them. You might be surprised by how much more you've enjoyed the experience.



Imagination said...

This is a fantastic side of sexuality and masturbation. The carnal desire suddenly happens and requires its satisfaction. Unfortunately, you can not always follow the urgent demand immediately. But when time and leisure is available, you should simply surrender to the sexual desire and enjoy it with body and soul! Just like as it's shown on the stimulating photos.

French Patrick said...

Once more you are quite right, sex is more significant and more enjoyable when it is spontaneous, when it just happens. And not only because that limits the risks of addiction. It is rarer, but as the diamond that has more value. It is true for all which concerns the sex, and even the love, and not only as regards the masturbation.
Therefore, it's spontaneously that I wish you a wondrous day to you, mon darling chéri, and to our lovedst Jean, with all my bisous of the day.


Wonderful! Beautiful! Great images and lots of good advice! Enjoy your day! Here it is cold, wet & windy! Typical winter's day! Thanks again for your visits and comments.

Jean WM said...

Isn't the human body amazing? Great pics, bisous, Pat and Patrick. We need you to remind us to slow down.

Xersex said...

the best sex is with the right (sexually and / or sentimentally) person. Believe me!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific post!

Anonymous said...

great shots