Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reader Has Questions for You

So, two requests for topics in two days. I love it! Let's address the first one that came in, first. I'm oh so full of intelligence today, aren't I? LOL.
Longtime Faithful Reader, Wayne, writes:  "...please ask your male readers who shave/trim their pubic hair why they do it.  I had never even thought of such until the internet came along."
My personal grooming is to shave the scrotum and shaft, and trim the rest.
I do this because I find there is much less itching of the ballsac - not to mention the added sensitivity of having a tongue licking it.
Hair on the shaft can be quite irritating to vaginal walls. I trim the rest simply because I think it gives me a neater appearance. All personal preference.
It may stem from my dancing days. Of course, my crotch shaving went much, much further than that back then  - company rules were company rules: "No body hair, and no hair may be seen protruding from the dance strap." If you wanted to stay employed, you shaved.

And you, or the company manager, helped you and your fellow dancers for areas we couldn't do ourselves.
He also asked: "Recently I attended an open house at a family nudist park, & this time I particularly noticed it,  tho I've been a couple of times before.  There were a couple of men with rings in the ends of their dicks.  How do you pee with such?  Do you take it out?  Doesn't it hurt to pierce such a tender area?"
I don't have any piercings on my cock, or scrotum. So, I can't speak to this, other than to say, I'm sure it hurts like hell to have the Prince Albert done. I mean, a hole is being reamed into the cock. How does one manage to piss and not spray everything?

I mean, it's bad enough that the stream will split on its own sometimes. (Yes, Ladies, it happens. Now you know why we miss the bowl once in a while.)
So, let's hear from you, men.
Do you have a PA, or any cock or ballsac piercings?

Do you shave, or trim?


AOM said...

I keep my manscape trimmed but I don't care to shave. As for piercings - nope no never! ain't gonna do it - wouldn't be prudent - I hope you are having a great day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering Wayne's questions. Those were mine as well, especially the second one about how a guy can pee with a PA. Great photos to accompany the answers.

Xersex said...

My answers:
I hate any piercing, so you can imagine if I can have any PA on my dick
I trim and shave as well as I can. I got used to and I can feel better the tongue of my blowjobbers! and I shave the ass too, to enjoy better the rimming job!

mistress maddie said...

I'm like you are. I am not hairy to begin with except my legs and arms. But I too shave the balls, taint and shaft, and keep a nice trimmed bush. It looks better, cuts down on heat and odor and the boys seem to like sucking a clean basket.

RockHard said...

I prefer the natural look. Except for my penis, that is. Hair grows quite well there. I shave it with a Gillette adjustable safety razor. My pubes are quite long. The absence of hair enhances the pleasure of masturbation. The thought of a PA makes my skin crawl. I don't even want to see pictures.


OH! The questions people ask! Re shaving/trimming: when I was living an active sexual life, I shaved my sac and shaft and trimmed the rest. I still shave and trim in the Summer months as it is more comfortable in the warmer weather. At one stage I had my left nipple pierced and some rings in my scrotum. However they kept getting infected and my doctor advised me to take them out. It seems that my body does not like having these things inserted and so tries to reject them. Now I'm too old to care!

Anonymous said...

I have a PA. It heightens sensitivity and is added pleasure for my partner. When pissing you just slidethe ball on the ring so that it seals the piercing. If I am not wearing a ring I seal the hole with my finger while holding my dick. It's pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

I have a PA. It heightens sensitivity and is added pleasure for my partner. When pissing you just slide the ball on the ring so that it seals the piercing. If I am not wearing a ring I seal the hole with my finger while holding my dick. It's pretty simple.

SickoRicko said...

I don't "shave" the sac and shaft, but DO trim closely with a home barber kit. The bush I "knock down" to keep the hairs from getting caught in my jelly cock ring.

Spear said...

I remember the first time I shaved my penis. Felt like someone else's in my hand. WOW. Now I keep the pubes trimmed short, keep the hair shaved elsewhere. Pits get a good shaving too. My husband never liked a lot of hair in his teeth and neither do I. So we make sure the other is nice and smooth where it counts

Jean WM said...

It's hard to improve on mother nature. Trimming is nice if you have too much but otherwise for my preference men and women should look like adults. That is one of the advantages of being an adult, you can do what you want to please yourself and your partner.

Thanks Pat and your positive Blog is really appreciated. Bisous dear Patrick.

Fullmoonma said...

I pluck the hairs off of the shaft of my dick - about 100 once a week or more frequently if they get annoying. Do this to reduce irritation when masturbating and to make my cock look bigger when it shows as naked yoga, swimming hole, or for my husband. Maybe once a month I trim the hair on my balls and taint to 1/4" using electric clippers - I like the look, the feel, and it may help discourage jock itch. I've shaved cock and balls a few times over my life, but the hair-growing-back process is annoying.

Anonymous said...

I used to shave my balls and shaft, but after so many years it became annoying so I've recently been waxing those areas. It stays clean for a few weeks before I have to do it again and it's SO much smoother than shaving. As for piercings, I can't even imagine it. I have, however, recently purchased a glans ring just for some decoration. ;)

Jim C said...

I also shave my balls and shaft. I started doing it after being with a guy who had done so and I loved the feel of his skin (it is so soft) and he really enjoyed the sensation of my tongue on his balls, About 1 1/2 years later, the man who became my husband of 19 years, asked me if I would be willing to let him shave my cock, balls and pubes (he had been doing it for a long time). He did and I continued to do so until he died; since then I only shave the balls and penis. I have to say that it is so much more enjoyable not getting hair in my mouth when having oral sex lol.
Concerning piercings: my husband and I came across a man who had a Prince Albert. We met with him fairly frequently util he moved away. It was an interesting experience giving him a BJ and he used to tell us that it gave an added sensation to his partner when they had intercourse. I cannot imagine having myself pierced though.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally shave my shaft and sack because it feels better for everyone. Trim the rest for neatness. At my age, I get these wild rangers that come out of no where. Looks like dandelions in a lawn with out the buds. Now wouldn't that be cool. Hey, look at what I have:) PA. I never know what to do with it when I've a rigged up cock in my mouth. I don't want to hurt him and because I don't have one, I don't know what feels good. I am trainable. Great post and comments.

Anonymous said...

I have a P.A. and have learned to piss with no problem. No splatter. No missing the bowl.

Getting the P.A. was not at all painful and the piercing healed quickly.

Robinr23 said...

I'm straight. My wife and I think it is annoying to have hairs between the teeth by having sex. So I shave my balls and shaft. My bush is trimmed. Also does my wife.

By the way you have a great blog.

Many greetings from Germany.

whkattk said...

@ Robinr23 - Thank you for your comments! It really is great to have straight guys stop by and contribute to the conversations. This blog is for everyone, regardless of gender or orientation. Yes, I post photos of men, but the blog is ABOUT men, the health of their genitals, and learning to take pride in them. It would make no sense (as some straight guys have requested) to post pictures of naked women.

Anonymous said...

On the two topics that wee asked. I am a bit behind posts but wanted to touch on these two. Shaving; I too never even gave it a thought until later in life 45 or so and I began noticing more and more men with a trimmed or shaved. I did my homework and asked a few guys that I had a bit more than a happy hello, and all of them said "show me how good you are at a blowjob and the sensation will speak for itself. Holly crap I was hooked. No long hair to catch in your teeth, or trying to get hair out of your mouth for a few minutes etc. So at 45 I had the grandest trip to a home ran barber who used a straight edges razor to shave my now hard cock, balls, and everything I was unable to see, but holly hell it was hot. The moral of the story is so rewarding. If you have never tried it before see if you can have wife, friend etc. who has some experience in a razor and tender spots to do it for you the first time. Then the rest of hair I think all men should trip to a length you like. For me seeing a man with a trimmed pub and shaved balls and cock, straight or not, is telling the story of how he feels about his look. Try out what works for you and see what you think. The shorter the patch the larger your cock shows. And the same thing about other hair on body, pits and pubes like your head of hair needs trimmed from time to time to make it look in a manner you like. Hair in our pubes was never intended to be long and out of control.
Prince albert: again at a later age in life and after a divorce of 15 years I had seen a couple PA sported by a nice cock and talked to a number of men who have or had one, and without a single regret they all had positive comments. So I researched piercing places and found a guy who did PA, and had one of his own. 20+ years later I still wear it when I want that sensation of pulling my cock down. Best felt with loose or no boxers and from time to time you get a pinch if it gets in a tight spot but it is great, and as I had found out in my reach every man I was with could not get enough of it, every women was as well. One thing that some people will tell you is that if at some point you want to take it our and let the hole close, regardless of what some may tell you, it does not grow shut, so when you have it in or out you will still need to use either the ball on the rings, or holding your finger over the hole in order to get a straight stream. Look at pictures on line and compare what you think looks best, large ring or post, or a smaller one that gives you what you want, but the more weight you put on it the larger the hole will become, so if I had it to do over I would stay with a smaller gauge and ring that rode closer to the head of your dick. And you want a ring that when you masturbate, and you will cause it feels so great to feel it pulling and rubbing on the glands at the base of the head you will do it over and over again to get just the feel you like. Try it out and see what you think, or find a man that has one and will show you all the tricks he has found and how terrific it feels both masturbating as will as intercourse. You could even try a few things with him and see how you think it feels :) Have fun keep it clean, remember that urine is a good agent to clean it with so the only thing you will have to do is polish it a few times a day. hope this gave you some light on the subjects

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thank you so much for such an informative response! The shaving does indeed make one's cock appear larger. But, essentially, like you, I think it says an awful lot about the man himself - that he takes care to groom and look his best, even if it's only for himself.
As for the PA, I still don't think I could do it... I've considered the scrotum rings - tiny ones, but even that gives me pause when considering the possibility of them getting caught on something and having them rip right out. Ouch!