Friday, July 22, 2016

Find Comfort and Normalcy

So many great emails and comments. One question was "Where, when, and under what auspices did the event described take place?  It sounds like something I'd find helpful and/or therapeutic if only I'd build up the nerve!"
Well, it took place in Southern CA, a few years back, under the auspices of an individual whose sole purpose was to help men with just that sort of issue. Building up the nerve to attend may be difficult, but the result is finding comfort and normalcy being naked in front of others. And that makes it worth it.

Few guys today have had the experience of being naked with other men. As I grew up, we were in locker rooms and showers by 6th grade. And that continued through high school. Then, of course, I spent over 9 years in the military...naked with more men than I could count.

Faithful Reader Jean commented, "I just never realized how out there in front male genitals are. Now I am beginning to notice (most women don't look at men's crotches.). It seems that men do a good job of hiding behind shirtales, long t shirts, etc. they often stand with their hands in front. It also seems the press, TV, etc also do a good job of above-the-crotch shots. There's a whole lot of fly checking coming out of the men's room like we all might see something so there is an extra check. You see a whole lot less of men than you do women.

There's alot of hiding going on so groups like this sound like a good idea. I can imagine the question many men would ask though is why would I want to?"
And her observations are very accurate. The answer to those men's question would be, this is why:



To be comfortable in your own skin. To shed the shame and quit feeling the need to even hide the clothed crotch, if they want to feel comfortable being naked in the gym locker room or showers, it's the class for them. To avoid being the guy showering in briefs.
The goal of the class was not to jack off.  

In fact, it never entered that realm. Being exposed to "normal looks and function"
was only in order to achieve the realization that men's genitals are normal, so they no longer have to worry about being seen. Getting a boner, or sprouting a bit of spontaneous wood isn't shameful.





If it happens and someone notices, you both should be able to either ignore it,
or laugh about it.

Have a terrific, shameless weekend!


AOM said...

Marvelous positive attitudes! Thanks for promoting healthy being! I wish you a super bonerific day - naked and squirting! : ) Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM


Trust you have a restful weekend! Thanks for your visits and comments!

French Patrick said...

Have a terrific weekend, too! I have suppressed the word "shameless" of your final wishes, thinking that it is useless as regards you. This, obviously if you meant with no shame and not brazen.
Bisous, mon chéri. Bisous my marvellous Jean.

mistress maddie said...

It gonna be shameless alright. I'm spending my of it poolside in this heat. Have a glorious weekend yourself!!!

SickoRicko said...

Love the tanline on #17.

Xersex said...

I cummed back but I don't have time to comment every post I missed. Sorry!!!!

Fullmoonma said...

Part of my weekend was going to the gay swimming hole near my VT house. Perhaps 60 naked men on the beach and another dozen up in the woods, and 20-30 more in semi-hidden nests along the river. Every single man had a cock! Saw a few hardons (we are encouraged to "find a tree" for that, because sometimes people wander by - by "mistake") and so when I wanted to masturbate I went up in the woods, leaned against a tree, and masturbated until I was energized and relaxed. Every minute or two a naked man would wander by... Point is that there are places where men can be men together!

Anonymous said...

I never understood the guys showering in briefs, let's be proud of our genitals

Jean WM said...

Hot, tres chaud! East coast heatwave has everyone huddled in A/C just like in winter. Our humidity is so high my windows steam up and you can't even see out. Life in southern USA. Enjoy the weekend love to all.

SteveXS said...

One of the great things about Big Whack Attack is that it's not only hot but great for the sense of male identity and enjoying what's natural, which is downright therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's easier when you have male brothers, I wouldn't know I'm just guessing

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I suppose having brothers does make it easier to be naked in front of other men. Certainly, being forced to get naked in school locker rooms helped, and being in the military helped immensely. The military especially because you have no choice. When you sleep in a room of 40, and have to shower, shave, and piss in front of them all, after a while you get used to it. Of course, at first everyone looked at everyone else's cock - it's natural curiosity. When a guy had a boner, you looked. When you had one, they looked. Pretty soon, naked men and boners were just accepted as normal. All guys have cocks, all guys get boners.

whkattk said...

@ SteveXS - Awww...thanks, buddy. I appreciate that.