Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oops! (What Would YOU Do?)

Oops! Sorry... What would you do? 



We can stop stroking and hide the boner. But once an ejaculation begins to fire, we can't stop it. What would you do if you walked in on someone stroking away and in the midst of blasting their load?


Would you try to pretend you didn't see anything, even though you both know you did? Would you avoid talking about it?

This came in late Sunday night:

"After reading your week of Common Ground posts, I decided I had to write and ask about this. I'm a senior in college and came home from classes one afternoon and walked in to see my father jacking off. I saw his car in the driveway and it was unusual for him to be home in the middle of the afternoon so I called out Dad! as I rounded the corner into the living room. He was in mid-shoot and used both hands to cover up his dick. But of course jizz was still firing out onto his chest. He got up and ran to his bedroom cupping a hand over the end to catch the spurts.
I apologized when he came back out to pick up his clothes. He didn't say a word. It's been almost a month. He still won't acknowledge it and things are still strained between us. It's gone on so long even my mom has noticed there's a problem. She's asked me, but I said I didn't know. I feel like a total asshole, but at the same time I want to tell him I'm a grown man now and I wasn't shocked or traumatized by what I saw. I even got paper towels and cleaned up the trail of jizz he left on the floor as he ran. What do I do? What can I say to him to thaw things out?" 



Xersex said...

you could say him: it's all right and natural, don't worry!

mistress maddie said...

It must be a older generation thing, because in my mid thirties now this just isn't an issue. Most of my friends gay and straight run them off together. I have walked in on roommates and friends both, and I usually join in!!!!! But if I was in the shoes of this guy, I'd take my dad aside, lay down the law every guy does it, I have seen a dick before, and we all climax. Now get over being embarrassed and move on. And if it can't be discussed face to face, voice it in an email. It shouldn't affect the household like this over a normal body function for Pete sake.

Anonymous said...

I am always skeptical that a letter like this is real. I don't know why the father would continue to act like such an ass for so long. Is he some type of hpyer-religious, homophobic (read possibly closeted), conservative that the idea of being seen naked and masturbating at the moment of ejaculation was so shameful and humiliating that he blames his son and can't get past it? Do we know if the son is gay and if that bothers the father and adds an extra layer to his embarassment? The son is in college, a young adult, not a ten year old child, or even a daughter. The son needs to find some appropriate moment to bring it up, tell Dad that he is sorry he walked in on him by accident, tell Dad it is simply no big deal, he doesn't feel any different about Dad or think anything at all is wrong, and tell Dad he hopes they can put the incident behind them and get back to having a regular, friendly relationship. Son should not make any type of sexual comment about Dad, not even joking. Certainly he should not suggest that they jack off together (as if that is anything but gay fantasy, anyway). Dad is the one who needs to make peace with this and find his sense of humor.

AOM said...

Howdy bro! Thanks for your visits while I was away. So good to hear the Common Ground folks were able to work things out in a healthy way. As to today's situation - since there is tension in the relationships there must be a discussion between the son and dad - frank, open, honest discussion about our natural and normal need for self-pleasure. In the past, I think I would have been embarrassed and silent - acting as though nothing ever happened, but with the tension in this case, it really needs addressing. I think if I were the son I would let dad know it was no big deal - we all do it so no need to act like we don't - there is no reason to let it be a problem. I've walked in on friends before and we just laughed it off because we know we all do it - nothing to be embarrassed or upset about - we are normal humans naturally doing what humans do - accept it and move on. I hope you have a wonderful day, buddy. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

If it were a peer that I walked in on I might say: "Nice load." But after reading the letter about the father, I'm not sure what I'd do. However, the dad needs to get over it and talk to his son.

Spear said...

Usually it's the other way around. Dad catches the son. Since Dad isn't about to say anything, maybe it's the son who should break the ice. "Hey, Dad, it's ok. I do the same thing every day. Been doing it for years like you have. It's a guy thing Dad and I won't tell Mom I caught you"

French Patrick said...

A) Copy out on a letter what you wrote to Pat and put it in an envelope.
B) Take this envelope and write on it that you wrote a letter to yourself to set out your thoughts about a problem that you've been wrestling with, and that on second thought you decided to hand it to him because, in fact, it is a non-problem which is neither of his fault nor of your fault and that has lasted far too long.
C) Good luck, if he is not stupid that will work.

Have a great day, my darling, with lot of bisous.
A hundredfold of the same to our adorable Jean.


At this age and time of my life it would not worry me at all! Not sure how the son can handle this! Glorious Spring morning here!

Jean WM said...

Yikes! I suspect the appearance of a woman would be different! But moms walk in on sons all the time and we just do a U-turn. Haven't all sons had their fathers walk in on them? Xersex has it right, say natural, don't worry. Bet his dad had his own mom, dad, etc walk in on him too.

topcat said...

Would not bother me. H got off.. I might get lucky enough to slurp up the aftermath..idk?

Anonymous said...

OK thats funny the table turned. After what we been thru I don't think my dad would hide like that. I say wait til your home alone and get a couple of beers and tell him it's OK. Maybe even tell himk you think it's great he still does it - Son #2

Mark Greene said...

First thing first ! I was going to comment on all my favorite pics in this post but they're all so good I wouldn't know where to start. If I didn't have to work so soon. I would be whacking seriously to every pic. Guess I'm just going to have to wait till later this evening!

Second for the gentleman that caught his dad whacking, I think since he is mature enough to let his dad know that its not a big deal that he saw him masturbating he should do it. Father son relationships are too important to be dampened by silly embarrassment . I never saw my dad masturbating but i did over hear a conversation he had with one of his buddies about his porn collection. Even though I was thinking,"O.k. Dad ! T.M.I. (Too Much Information) I still didn't think its a big deal. WE ALL DO IT. His dad needs to understand that his son doesn't think any less of him. Because he does the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

When I was little, I almost walked in on my dad while he was dressing. He yelled "Get out" and when he had his clothes on gave me a butt beating and told me not to ever let that happen again. I figure either he was a very closeted gay or he was a grower like me and afraid someone might see his small dick. I assume he never saw the difference between a shower erection and a grower erection. Growing up in the depression era in a hyper religious community , I'm sure he had a very stilted view of sex. Richard

Anonymous said...

Good lord, after having told my sons there's no reason to be ashamed, if they walked in on me jerking off I wouldn't hide. How could I? It would be a bit contradictory, wouldn't it? - Dad