Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hello? Any Drivers Available??

This is a scheduled post. 
It's Election Day. If you didn't have the opportunity for early voting, I urge you to vote today. And, remember, that the down ballot races are just as important, if not more so, than the presidential one.
House and Senate matter because they either keep an agenda in check, or allow one to get accomplished.
When it comes to federal elections, State Legislatures control more than you realize.

Do not let anything - anything! - stand in your way. 


We voted early. Today, we are doing more. We volunteered to drive people to the polls.

If you need assistance getting to your polling place, call your candidate's local office and ask if they have drivers available.


Xersex said...

great pics, and I love your volunteer spirit!
when we vote in Italy, I use to go early in the morning!

Imagination said...

There is a wise saying: "Who has the choice, who has the agony".
But one choice always is the best: Vote for SEX! Enjoyment and satisfaction included.

Patrick said...

Great selection to emphasise the importance! Re your comment: I agree completely!

Jean WM said...

I voted! Now the waiting. I'm optimistic that the American voter is smarter than given credit and will make the best decision. 🇺🇸
Hugs and bisous and thanks to Pat and French Patrick for the moral support, there are some sane folks left out there.

French Patrick said...

No, sorry but I shall not vote. But that's only because I can not, being French.
My dear friend, I wish to you, to Jean, to all my American friends and to the USA the election of the best candidate. I'm mentioning no names but watch where my eyes rest.
Hugs and bisous.

SickoRicko said...

Very commendable of you to give rides to voters.

French Patrick said...

After the catastrophic Brexit, the “Google trends” have shown in its time that the two main questions asked by millions from Britain have been 1°) What is the Brexit? 2°) What will happen if we leave the EU? If people had asked this question before and not after the vote, the result would have been doubtless different. Trump is elected. It was predictable. Trump has been taking the right attitude, “Right” in so far as it was the one which gave satisfaction to those who wanted the Brexit. But over all, the facts have proved that they were more convincing than the speeches, that they are with or without insults. It’s a fact that the unemployment decreased in half under the Obama, and that is magnificent. Yes but for the benefit of insecure and very badly paid jobs. It's a fact that those who are responsible for the subprime mortgage crisis were not punished. It is a fact that the debt of the students who financed their university studies by loans reaches 1,160 billions dollars (more than the total debt of all the American credit cards) while in France these studies are for free, even for the foreigners. It is a fact that 75 million Americans are today paid by the hour, among which less than 4 millions still receive the hourly minimum 7, 25-dollar salary, what allows hardly to survive, even by accumulating jobs, while it would be necessary, at least, that it would be doubled and compulsory for everybody. It is a fact that a lot of people are exhausted and sickened instead of having their professional development furthered in their jobs, it is a fact that they are demoralized and discouraged. Obviously, it's non-exhaustive list of facts. “For justice to prevail in this tension, social good must always trump profit” (I am not the author of this sentence, it’s a quotation). We were wrong to underestimate Trump. I hope that we are also wrong to overestimate his capacity of nuisance. His “enthronement speech”, if I can say so, is actually kind of comforting.
I wish all the best to yourself and to all the Americans. Hugs and kisses, my friend, to you and to Jean.

Justin said...

You yanks voted for the dud

Anonymous said...

There is a silver lining to this. No TPP, a few other broken clock issues, and the centrist Clintonista vampire has finally been staked, decapitated, and buried far from its native soil.

Clintonistas struggling to explain why Obama's coalition lost. It's because she lost the 2008 primary for a reason.

In fairness, I drank a few sips of Clinton Kool-Aid near the end. I figured she'd lose to any R but Trump, bigly. Like Goldwater/McGovern/Mondale big. I just thought Trump was vile enough to offset that.