Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good for Body and Soul

I subscribe to the Urban Word of the Day...just for the fun of it. Every so often one comes through that fits the blog. This time it was "Wank Shelter" - a place where a guy can lock himself away from any daily distractions and enjoy a nice, leisurely stroking.
If you don't live alone, it's a good idea to do this once in a while. Lock out the rest of the world and get reacquainted with yourself. Turn off the TV, put on some music that won't have you singing along, and discover your body again. Take the time to touch and stroke and play.


Take your time. Make it last. Though none of the Ladies who read have ever said so, I'd be willing to bet they don't rush through.
We guys on the other hand (pun intended), absolutely love the release. It's our favorite part of sexual activity. Our ultimate goal.
To hurry it along is ingrained in us from an early age. The hurried, surreptitious whacking off to shoot the load in as little time as possible. Yet the journey can be so wonderful. And we miss the luscious sensuousness of it all by rushing things.

One solution I can highly recommend is finding a Tantric Massage Group. Or starting one - I think you might be surprised how many guys would be interested. The purpose is to heighten the awareness of the erotic sensations we are all capable of.

So, the goal is not ejaculation - though, some men do. And, that's okay. As we say in our Tantric Group, "In the final release, as it's called, the decision to cum is up to the individual."


The hands gliding over every inch of your body, exploring for you, seeking your body's reaction in order to then concentrate on those areas you're body responds to is to help bring awareness to you for future enjoyment.

Massage is good for the body. Tantric Massage is good for the body and the soul.
To experience it and learn in a group is even better.


SickoRicko said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Xersex said...

I prefer sex with other men...

Patrick said...

Wonderful as always! Great advice and very hot images! I'm still having problems with my right hip! More physiotherapy tomorrow!

Imagination said...

That's a very important theme, how to celebrate sex in the best way: to touch the own body very sensual and to experience satisfaction and to feel peace depp inside the soul. This is also my slogan: SEX MUST BE CELEBRATED WITH BODY AND SOUL!

Thanks for the inspiring post and the stimulating photos! Great as ever!

Westernstock said...

Thanks for the constructive thoughts on tantric groups.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have had many straight-married men in our lives who enjoy intimacy with a man just as they do with their wives (most them with us more than 10-15 years). One thing we have tried to get them to enjoy is a prolonged erotic playfulness before allowing them to cum whether it is through a hand/blow job or fucking. It takes time for them to realize that they actually do get more pleasure by slowing it down and enjoying the build up before the ejaculation. Some have even brought this awareness to their wives and found that that slowing down pleasures them both even more than before. Most guys know that it may take a woman more time to become aroused and that they respond better to slow arousal - what they did not realized before is that their mate also responds better when they take more time to arouse and enjoy their arousal, bringing them both greater satisfaction.

Wanted to say thank you for a great blog (although I wish you had more older guys (40+) on display. I also enjoy reading your commentaries even more than the pictures oftentimes.

Steve - AF said...

All very true statements and it is something we must all take to heart. Pleasure should be prolonged and not rushed, otherwise what is the point -- you lose pleasure. Taking time and drawing things out is part of that experience. I wish we could get that across I. Simpler terms to so many men and women. As always you raise the much needed topics that need discussing. I hope you will find more "average every day types of guys". Those of us who are not gym toned and not with the biggest of assets, it regu,ar joes who are still hot and sexy in their own right. Keep up the good work, and hope everyone takes the time to comment and share their experiences, thoughts, and pleasures. We learn so much from each other I other ways -- so why not about our bodies and our organs of pleasure