Monday, November 7, 2016

Big Ole Dick Slip

I'm sitting in a chair out on the patio chatting with the pool guy. In direct morning sunlight, I scoot a bit to get it out of my eyes - mainly so I can see him without glare. We exchange pleasantries about our week. He alternately does a little pool cleaning and standing in front of me talking. He started gathering his pool equipment, I adjust my position in the chair and realized my cock had been hanging out of one leg of my shorts.

He never said a word - but, then again, it's not like he hasn't seen me fully naked. He's walked around the corner of the house several times over the years to find me naked scooping up leaves.
The first time I said, "Oops, you caught me with my pants down!" He replied he didn't care at all, in fact he appreciated I was helping him. So, that he didn't comment on my "dick slip" didn't surprise me. But, it has made me reflect on the that fact it happens to us guys and we rarely realize it in the moment.

I saw a guy once, sitting in a coffee shop. His running shorts rode up, the head of his cock was clearly visible. I got his attention and said, "Hey, buddy, tip slip." as I jutted my chin toward him. His very gruff response: "What's it to ya." I shrugged and said, "Dude, just thought you might want to know." 

He did shove his cock up into the shorts, and I'm well aware that some guys do this on purpose because they love to see people's reaction
but his evident anger surprised me.
If you saw a guy with his cock and balls hanging out, would you tell him?


What if it was a friend, or relative, would you say something?



If it was you, would you want someone to tell you?


Xersex said...

this post reminds me a spanish-portuguese blog (now it doesn't exist anymore): with such posts, the blogger labelled: o bicio siolto (=free snake). Isn't it lovely?

What would I say? please, let me suck your bicio siolto

Patrick said...

If it was me! Yes! Certainly tell me! I remember telling a guy once that he was unzipped as he walked past me. "Thanks", he said, "but you should not be looking there"! Oh! Thanks for your visit!

SickoRicko said...

That guy's reaction was rude.

Anonymous said...

Always tell them. And please let me know too.

Jean WM said...

Best coming from a man - I would think most men would appreciate the heads up. A big % of population just might call the police!! In a locker room, no, in McDonalds, probably.

For you voters, a hug and bisous!

AOM said...

It wouldn't bother me but I guess it would depend on where I was - if I was at McDonald's or some place like that, I'd like to know to cover up - other than that I wouldn't care. Great Dick Slip pix! Love the theme. Wishing you a super erection day! : ) Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

T said...

Nope. People are very angry these days. They hate the world and they will make everyone else miserable. Its not just a dick slip its anything can set them off. They always want to fight. Avoid them at all costs your own safety is more important. I would not put any trust in a stranger they could snap at any time. Stranger danger for a very good reason!

If everyone (male and female) had a quick round with themselves of a morning the world would probably be a safer place as they not angry anymore. Either the wind changed when they were angry, someone parked a fresh one right in the middle of their Cornflakes or they didnt get any that morning and heaven forbid they should have to do it themselves. They take it out on anyone.

Friends and family completely different. If its friends more than likely joke about it but if its family we just say its hanging out.

whkattk said...

@ T - LOL. That's what our family members used to say, too. Friends? Well, they would point and laugh and say "I can see your cock!" Well, at least we told one another...

whkattk said...

@ Patrick - Huh, that was an odd thing to say to someone who had just done you a favor, eh?

Anonymous said...

A lot of it's just discomfort. Think about how women react to a man mentioning the bra strap.

I like freeballing, especially in summer. Shorts, sandals, a T or A-shirt if I must (but I've seen shirtless teens at burger joints) and I'm good for the heat. (I do wish I knew where you could get those shirts that show off obliques, mostly for the gym and for summer.) But if I'm freeballing in shorts, especially with my length, it's a risk, depending on the inseam.