Friday, November 11, 2016

Dick Out of the Dirt

The fog is beginning to lift, I'm slowly recovering from the shock.

Many have already resumed life as if nothing has changed; as though there is nothing to be done about it, anyway, so acceptance is the better route. I hope you will forgive me if it takes me longer to work my dick back up out of the dirt









to a plateau

 of bliss(ful belief).


Xersex said...

I hope to be again soon in the mood of a new post!
sexy post!

SickoRicko said...

Fabulous "recovery" post! Take care my friend.

Patrick said...

I'm sorry, but what has happened! Has happened! Life is full of disappointments, but we must continue to do our part! Great post! Wonderful photos! #13 - fantastic! Now rest up over the weekend! Woke up here this morning to rain!

mistress maddie said...

I do believe that first guy could most definitely make me forget there was even an election!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend friend.

AOM said...

The wild horses of anger, fear and despair are still running through me and I'm trying my best NOT to ride them. I'm not over it and not sure I will, but I'm trying my best to move on in a positive way promoting peace and love. Mostly I see that I fear the unknown and if I play things out in my mind then I get angry at all the horrors I can imagine - so I'm trying NOT to play those out - wait to see what happens then I will have a whole other can of worms to figure out. I'm up and down a lot trying to find my balance. I've been posting lots of quotes on SoulFood Tea Garden ( things that have helped me get my bearings. Know that you are loved, my brother. Together we shall get passed this. Take care and be well. Hugs, Licks,and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is watching my fellow Democrats' reactions. The DLC looking for anyone to blame but themselves, saying McGovern over and over again as if we didn't all drink the "demographic inevitability" Kool-Aid this year just like in 1972 and engage in the politics of revenge. (1972 happened because Dems were mad at unions because they supported Nixon four years prior, so they used the Baby Boomers as proof "We don't need no unions.", opting for what we would later call yuppies: Young, college-educated, $100k+ white suburbanites. Hey, where did the yuppies go this year? Oh yeah, they're certainly deplorable. Um, present company excluded, of course.)

For our part, Sanders people have had to take ballot selfies to prove we backed Clinton. Even though that's illegal. We've been so afraid of the Dolchstoßlegende we daren't say "Um, yeah, you might want to stop bashing the Rust Belt before going after Texas, Utah, Alaska, and three states that went to Goldwater for north of 400 electoral votes." (And we thought Trump was an idiot for promising CT and NY to the GOP.)