Monday, November 21, 2016

A Lesson in Pre-Cum

What continues to amaze me is the lack of knowledge young men have about their own bodies as they are set loose on the world.

"I'm freaking out! My girlfriend is pregnant but we didn't do anything. I mean we played but I never put my dick in her because we both wanted to save that until we were married. I never even shot my load on her. How is this possible?"

Uh, the simple answer: Pre-cum.
Pre-cum is a product of the Cowper glands, located adjacent to the Prostate. Yet, it can contain very lively, active sperm. The longer you play, the more aroused you become, the better the chances of that happening. Semen will begin to travel through your cock, and mix with your pre-ejaculate. Then, all it takes is for either one of you to be touching and stroking your slicked-up cock and then use that same hand to play anywhere along her vaginal area.


Ditto if you're into Frottage: sliding your wet cock along her abdomen, making contact with her Labia to stimulate her clit.
C (Sorry gay readers, but it had to be done)
Pre-cum is a wonderful thing.
It reduces any acidic residue and lubricates the urethra.

The fact that we can then use it to slick up our cocks and add to our pleasure is icing on the cake,


but we need to be aware of what we're doing. Because contraception is our responsibility, too. So, you straight and bi guys beware. Mutual masturbation is a great way to be intimate without penetration, but you've got to be careful if you don't want a pre-cum pregnancy.
Keep the river of pre-cum well-attended.
Finish yourself off and keep that shooting cock
and the aftermath well away from her.


mistress maddie said...

Oh boy! SURPRISE! I can't believe a guy wouldn't know that. Most time there is a whoops, its from pre cum.

Xersex said...

some gay people don't like to lick a dick full of precum! My experience told me that!

Patrick said...

Another great selection of images! Great cocks! Hot cum!

SickoRicko said...

Fabulous pix and terrific advice!

French Patrick said...

"I never put my dick in her because... etc." In her what? In her dick?

More seriously, and it is easy because I was not at all serious, in itself, the pre-ejaculate, a lubricating secretion produced by the Littre or Cowper's glands, contains no sperm, but sperm in the pre-ejaculate may come from leftover sperm from a previous ejaculation of semen, therefore it is suggested that urinating after this ejaculation will remove any sperm from the urethra. But if this fluid usually contains no sperm, it can transmit infections and the best thing that we have to do is to always use condoms.

But I approve, yes, it is possible that she got pregnant by this way. There is very few chances that it happens, but it is possible. A paternity test will allow to have a certainty, but in the meanwhile, love helping, there is no reason to have doubts.

A rock thrown into the garden of the opponents of the abortion, but alas they are crazy rednecks, and these dumbasses will not change their mind for so few.

Bisou, Pat.
Love, Jean.

Jean WM said...

It really is amazing stuff, and I suspect we have generations who have learned the same way.

Mother Nature is truly determined to make all manner of things happen for our pleasure and fertilization (the big goal..)

Anonymous said...

Rubbing on her labia is a common "But I never stuck it in you!" because the semen also flows into the vagina after you shoot. Also, if she gives you a handy and then finishes herself off, that's a possibility.

The sheer ignorance...about ten years ago, someone asked me if a woman can get pregnant from a blowjob. I said "Depends, did she spit in her hand and pop herself?"

Steve said...

If the girlfriend is pregnant by semen from your correspondent's precum, that's not an excuse to murder the child. It's not the child's fault. Killing someone else's child (born or unborn) is reprehensible, but killing one's own offspring would be even worse. And the degree of culpability rises with every week of the child's development.

Your correspondent and the girlfriend need to do the responsible thing and have the baby. If they are not prepared to raise him or her, which I'm guessing they are not, they should put it up for adoption. There is a waiting list a mile long of couples looking to adopt a healthy newborn.

I realize that in expressing the above opinion I will be called lots of hateful names by French Patrick and others, but that's how I see it.

whkattk said...

@ Steve - I don't think abortion was on the table. I think the writer truly didn't know how the pregnancy happened. And was afraid their parents wouldn't believe that they hadn't engaged in penetrative sex.

French Patrick said...

@ Steve
Be sure that you'll read no hateful word, names or not, coming from me (otherwise it would be the first time in my life). To have and raise their baby is obviously the best thing to do whenever it is possible. But believe me or not, there are cases when it is not possible and then the abortion is a horrible thing, never made for the pleasure of the pregnant woman, but a thing less worst than no abortion. Anyway, it had many abortions of any times in any countries before their legalization which changes ONLY a single thing: that allows that it is made with fewer risks (risks which are sometimes mortal or handicapping for life).
My mother had a first son, having really no other choice she have had an abortion of the second one, alone, with a knitting needle, and after, she had two other children. I do know very well what I said.
You know, I would have been against it if it were the case, but there are no vending machines of abortions at the corner of streets, and an abortion does not decide by flipping heads or tails.
If abortion were a crime, I wonder if a man and a woman wanking side by side would be a genocide. Why not, when the ideas supplant the real facts. It is necessary, we owe, it is enough of, all that is easier to say than to make.
Receive my best regards, my friend, that I made you change a little your mind or not, and have a great Thanks Giving Day.
As for me, my thanks are more for the freedoms than for the bans.