Friday, November 25, 2016

Something to be Thankful For

I hope you all found something to be thankful for.













Have a good weekend!


Xersex said...

I think everyone should be thankful fora lot of things, but I'm so thankful for my blogfamily!

SickoRicko said...

I'm thankful for the terrific pix you post!

Patrick said...

Well! They all have something to be thankful for!!!!! Trust you have a restful weekend! I'll be back to my "job" on Monday!

French Patrick said...

I am grateful to Christopher of all the love which he grants me with, I am grateful to Jean, to AOM and to you, my dear Pat of the friendship which you grant me with.
But thanksgiving, it was yesterday. Today, it is the Black Friday (which experiences a tremendous growth in France).
I wondered if, at the beginning, Black Friday was not intended to allow the selling of the leftover turkeys? And if there were less and less unsold turkeys (the appetite coming with the eating), this would have explained the addition of all the other products which are now concerned.
I looked for, and I found four or five different explanations too outlandish to warrant serious consideration, therefore I prefer mine, especially as each wild theory was invented to refute an other one.

Have a wondrous weekend, my dear friends, Pat and Jean, with lots of loving bisous.

French Patrick said...

To avoid you to search, I add that the most wide-spread idea is that it was the date for selling the slaves, but it is quite false, this was made all year long. Nevertheless it is because of this name that many blacks boycotted Black Friday. Then we wanted to replace "Black Friday" by "Big Friday", but unsuccessfully. Another explanation is that in the time the storekeepers made their accounts with a feather and ink. The deficits were written in red and the profits in black, and this Friday their accounts were always in black thanks to records of sale. In fact, this name appeared only in 1951 in the newspaper Factory Management and Maintenance. At that time, this name made reference to the high rate of absenteeism to the work, during this particular day because people wanted not to go to work after Thanksgiving, saying that they were sick to take advantage of four consecutive days off.

Anonymous said...

Obligatory "I don't celebrate Thanksgiving because genocide" post. That aside, this month has given me something to lord over Third Way for the next half-century or so.