Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pay With Your Balls (Genius!)

This is the month dedicated to men's cancer awareness. Though the main focus seems to have turned more toward Testicular Cancer, 

men are also encouraged to get a Digital Rectal Exam for Prostate Cancer.
Barba, a barber shop in the New York Chelsea district, has a genius media campaign going:
Grow that 'stache or beard through November, then from December 1 through the 3 they'll give you a trim or shave, or haircut, if you
by getting a complimentary Ball Check right then and there. Yes. Right there. In the shop.

Oh, don't be squeamish, I'm sure they'll have a privacy screen.

To sweeten the pie, during the promotion the first 50 guests will also get a "package" with custom-designed underwear announcing, 
"Paid with my balls."

Here's a scary statistic:
Since we've been on the topic of Fathers and Sons and discussions, pay attention here Dads and take your sons for that check-up

And, this one should really get your attention, too:
But, guys, don't forget that men also get Breast Cancer. The death rate percentage among men is much higher than women. Meaning, now more men die of breast cancer than do women.  So, while you're in the doctor's office for the ball check, and he's finished doing the prostate exam, ask him to check your pecs for lumps, too.

Because men can also get Penile Cancer
since you've already dropped trou for everything else
you might want to have the doctor give your cock a thorough once-over, too, while he's down there
Here's a link to the media report: Creativity


Xersex said...

thanks!!! I'm 44!!!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific public service announcement, very informative!

Patrick said...

I've had several friends die of testicular or prostate cancer over recent years! Every man - young & old - should get a check!

mistress maddie said...

Now that is a great incentive to have your balls checked.

Jean WM said...

Great post! Early detection is the result of awareness. Great time to learn. Thanks Pat and Dear French Patrick. I have moved from denial, thru anger and now bargaining. (Can't imagine the "Game of Thrones" going on behind the scenes, maneuvering for new Cabinet positions.)

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I can imagine the type of bargaining I've seen in House of Cards... It's gotten very interesting with the revelations over the last day. Hugs!