Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It Just Is

Oh, how I hate delving into this subject. I always get lots of angry comments and emails. But, if a reader has asked, well...that's what the blog is for: to help people learn about, understand, and be proud of their equipment. Please, bear in mind - I am not telling anyone whether it is right or wrong - it just is.
At conception, we are all female. The foreskin is the equivalent of the clitoral hood, it is there by nature. It can cause serious medical issues such as phimosis, paraphimosis, Balinitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) a hardening of the Phimotic Ring). If a young man is not given instruction on the proper care and hygiene of his cock, lesser issues can crop up, such as urinary tract infections, pustules of the glans, etc. And I have written about those things - some several times.

Despite what some anti-circumcision sites would lead you to believe, the practice has been around for centuries. But, here in the US, among Christians, it began sometime in the mid-1800s because it was thought to "cure" masturbation. It became somewhat of a "standard" procedure at birth during the late 1940s and early 1950s after studies revealed fewer medical issues among the cut population vs the uncut men.

Regardless of your personal status - or your beliefs on the subject - there is one issue which can be an issue for all guys as they're growing up: being a victim of bullying because one is "different." Young guys can be extremely cruel. As my reader experienced, he was the lone uncut kid and suffered ridicule even into adulthood, simply because he had a foreskin.

The bullying had such an effect on him that, at the age of 40, he went in for a circumcision for purely aesthetic reasons.
As the practice has diminished, we see a higher equalization of cut v uncut males. The thing we must all remember is: We should never - never - be made to feel ashamed of what we have. Whether you have been cut
 or are still intact,
 you should be proud of what you have



And, regardless of your own foreskin status, you should never ridicule someone because his cock is different.


Patrick said...

Well put as always with great "illustrations"! I was not circumcised at birth. However, my brother experienced difficulties with sexual intercourse with his wife and was circumcised. The family doctor suggested that I should also be circumcised. I've never regretted it.

French Patrick said...

"At conception, we are all female." Yes, if you want, but this kind of yes which means no and that we use when we want not to hurt a dear friend.

During about the three first days, our futur sex is undifferentiated, but during this time we are not a male nor a female. Then one of the two characters prevail more and more while the other one declines. Then we are a male with little female in us, or conversely a female with little male in her. The recessive character always remains present and asserts itself just a little more when we grow older. What explains that the breast develops at the old sir's and that it is not rare that the shadow of a mustache appears at the old lady's (whom are favored by the nature because it is easier to depilate it than, as regards the men, to reduce his breast).

Bisous, Pat.
Love, Jean.

mistress maddie said...

I have no problem with either, and find both hot. I love when I'm with a uncut guy.....a very nice turn on to slowly slide the skin back to reveal the head.....play some before going down.

Jean WM said...

The trend by young parents these days is un-cut. I agree, it took hundreds of thousand years to work out the best equipment for all of us.

So how did we suddenly get so smart in the last 75 years that we had to alter what Mother Nature worked out for us? Amazing, I have no idea if my father was circumcised or not.

Steve said...

Agreed. I'm happy to have been circumcised as it's easier to care for, and imho looks better. But rare is the man who made that choice himself -- and even if he did, like your 40 year old example -- no ridicule is in order on this score.

Xersex said...

agree with all, but expecially with your last statement!

Anonymous said...

When my husband was a child, he received no instruction on the care or cleaning of his foreskin. He had an excess of foreskin, the foreskin more than three inches past the head of his penis and very tight. He didn't know he needed to clean inside since it's being tight the head was never exposed even with an erection. When in his 30's a partner forced the skin back past the head. Not only was it painful but very difficult to get back in position. After consulting a physician, he went for a circumcision and now has a beautiful penis with no problems. The moral being, if your son has a foreskin, be sure to teach him how to retract and clean. - R

SickoRicko said...

Gee, I missed a day. You are always informative!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone denies the antiquity of circumcision. Just be aware that people thousands of years ago were superstitious.

It probably began in Africa to treat infertility, impotence, birth defects, that sory of thing.

Funny thing is, circumcision's been on the pile euphemistically referred to as "alternative medicine" for decades now. And just like any alternative treatment, it raises its hand and says "Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!" every time a new disease causes moral panic.

In the 19th century, masturbation. Then, bipolar and schizophrenia. Syphilis. TB. Asthma. Cancer of the penis, cervix, breast, and prostate. AIDS. You can see the parallel in coffee enemas, detox diets, homeopathy, neither traditional nor Chinese nor medicine (with apologies to Voltaire), laying of hands, megadoses of vitamin C, and other fancy placebos.

Anonymous said...

BXO? Oh, you mean, lichen sclerosis? (Seriously, I wish pop medicine wouldn't use penis-specific terms. One could Google standard medical treatments for lichen sclerosis. I get that circumcision is the best medical treatment that uses circumcision, another altie trope: "My remedy is best because it's my remedy.", e.g. dietary guidelines saying you need so many vitamin and/or herbal pills daily.)