Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Take Proper Care

As one Faithful Reader pointed out, too many parents don't teach their sons proper care and hygiene. They expect that they'll magically know what to do.
Sadly, few ever figure it out on their own.
"When my husband was a child, he received no instruction on the care or cleaning of his foreskin.  He had an excess of foreskin, the foreskin more than three inches past the head of his penis and very tight.  He didn't know he needed to clean inside since it's being tight the head was never exposed even with an erection.  When in his 30's a partner forced the skin back past the head.  Not only was it painful but very difficult to get back in position.  After consulting a physician,  he went for a circumcision and now has a beautiful penis with no problems. The moral being, if your son has a foreskin, be sure to teach him how to retract and clean."
But, with proper care - unless the Phimotic ring causes trouble - remaining intact shouldn't be a problem.
Rather it will serve its purpose, which is to protect the glans, and keep the skin soft, moist, and supple.

As Jean put it, "... it took hundreds of thousand years to work out the best equipment for all of us. So how did we suddenly get so smart in the last 75 years that we had to alter what Mother Nature worked out for us?"
Just use caution when you visit some of the anti-circumcision sites, because there will be all kinds of bogus information. Being cut when an infant has absolutely nothing to do with the diameter of the urethra.
But, regardless of your situation
take proper care of what you've been given, and it will provide you with all the pleasure it was intended to give.







SickoRicko said...

Another great post!

Xersex said...

you deserve a degree in medicine!

mistress maddie said...

I am circumcised and even I take extra care when cleaning for a fresh feel.

Jean WM said...

Being clean is a great aphrodisiac! Happy Thanksgiving and may your turkey get done at the right time. Love to Pat and F.P.

T said...

It shouldnt matter if your circumcised or not; clean your damn dick regardless! It does not clean itself. Its just like the vagina; the inside will take care of itself but you still need to give the exterior a wipe. Slapping it in a bit of water is not enough; you have to wash it. Preferably something that doesnt have sugar as that is a whole other situation you can have going on down there. Nothing is worse than going down on someone and it stinks like 10day old corpse.

Does not care who gives the info (male or female); its a hygiene issue. I was taught by my grandmother when I was little on how to wash it so whoever gives the info is not the issue. The issue is education; parents themselves probably never got told anything! Its not about sex its hygiene. Get them as young as possible; hopefully the parents teach them when they start to wash themselves but if not they can learn it when they first start school about personal hygiene.

There will be that situation where Little Jimmy and Sally comes home and gets asked what did you learn in school today and they repeat the info; said parents probably clutch their pearls and have that pitchfork and torch and stand by as they make their way to the school admin office and demand heads roll.. Those said parents would be the same ones too lazy to give their own kids that info themselves so the school system is doing them a favour.

As crazy and farfetched as it sounds it actually does happen but much later in the education system (when they in the mid-late teens) and the school health department contacts the parents about their child's hygiene (usually from the result of bullying/slander from other students). We have a few family in the education sector and it happens.

French Patrick said...

Pat, Jean,happy Thanksgiving Day, my darlings.
Have a great day with many many bisous (which don't come from leftover sales, Black Friday being only for tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

@T: Cut guys have their delusions of immunity. "I don't really need to worry about this."

I will say, it would be easier to talk about these things if Generation XYZ hadn't been raised with fear of perverts hiding in every back alley.

whkattk said...

@ Anon- True. Cut doesn't automatically let you off the hook. As my "step-mom" always said to us boys, "You should always keep it clean!"