Thursday, November 3, 2016

Accepted Fact

As a couple of readers commented, they've walked in on peers - both straight and gay - stroking away. Sometimes they laugh about it, but acknowledge it's such a common practice no one has any reason to hide. 

Sometimes, they say they actually join in.


The Dad from the Common Ground posts had this to say:

"Good lord, after having told my sons there's no reason to be ashamed, if they walked in on me jerking off I wouldn't hide. How could I? It would be a bit contradictory, wouldn't it?"
Good point. And that made me wonder if the guy who walked in on his father had ever been caught strokin' the stick by his dad. Maybe that's the problem - his father chastised him for masturbating, and now he's been found to be doing the same.

That would be plenty reason for him to be feeling very guilty and not wanting to talk about it. Whatever the issue is, I hope they get it straightened out. Life is too short to have to worry about things which should be accepted fact.






Xersex said...

very interesting, as usual!!!

French Patrick said...

Accepted fact? Perfect! Thus no problem and therefore nothing to say.
On my side, accepted photos.
hope the my wishes of a great day and the many bisous accompanying them will be accepted, them too, by you and our adorable Jean.

AOM said...

Hey Bro, So true - to me it's like walking in on someone taking a leak - no biggie - normal and natural - something we all do - should be no shame at all - Thanks for promoting healthy attitudes about our sexuality. Great set of pix - put me in the mood to rub one off - I'll wait and let the anticipation grow : ) I hope you and yours are well and having fun. Have a jizztastic day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

mistress maddie said...

I say we should all just,stroke and enjoy!

SickoRicko said...

You're absolutely right that Life Is Too Short!

Jay in Denver said...

I may be a bit late to the conversation, but wanted to share a couple points I had in raising a son (now in his 30's).
As my Dad nor any members of the adult type ever spent any time with me discussing anything that had to do with my dick, its functions or its possible signs I depended on my cousins who were a couple years older, and being raised on a large ranch in Colorado you seen everything that nature had.

I always swore that I would not be that Father to my son, and I hope I wasn't, but the one action that I thought would be the least noticed, however turned out to the be the one he still refers to today.

When I realized he had been exploring with himself I took a few hand towels and a bottle of man lube into his room and told him that when needed put his towels in the laundry and I would clean and put back in his room and when the bottle of lube was low I would restock for him. He went the entire time at home with me washing towels and restocking lube, the only question he asked was regarding the amount of lube he was using.

When in college his only comment was how he passed the tips on to his room mates about the towels. He said he told them that the stack of tissues next to the bed was excessive and pretty much told everyone who dropped by that the had been jacking off. The next week after the room mate got his check from part time job, there were hand towels on his floor.

I think that as a parent it can be the things that you do, the supplies you make available to them and the open approach that they can feel free to inform you that they need a refill was a huge step for him, but one he carried well into his adult life. Having the correct tools for the job is all part of embracing the task and takes the "hush" out of the act.

He now has a little son, 5 years of age, but I am confident that when the time comes he will be doing the same.

Jean WM said...

I think your blog is actually making folks think not only of their past experiences but how to break the cycle of secrecy. Now go win the election, Pat!!! Maybe you should be a write in! Let's get French Patrick to vote!! Love and bisous!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I do hope that is the case.

I voted day 2 of early voting. Couldn't wait to cast my ballot. The news last night is horrifying to me. Tuesday is going to be a nail-biter. I think I've known that all along, but it doesn't change the knot that continues to grow in the pit of my stomach.

whkattk said...

@ Jay - Late to the conversation or not, yours is an important message for the guys out there who still struggle with how to approach their sons. It's so much easier than they think, and they're actually doing their sons a favor, giving them a life lesson. Bravo, my good sir!