Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

This is another scheduled post.
Today, we are either celebrating and chilling out




celebrating with friends





Or, we are feeling like this.

needing Smelling Salts
(Mistress Maddie, are you there?)

Hopefully, it won't turn out this badly
If it does, once we have licked our wounds,
we'll be planning our Exit.


French Patrick said...

No, a whole country does not flunk an IQ test. Otherwise, it would be necessary to abolish the democracy. America was "The New World" and "The American Dream". After several centuries, the "new" adjective was no more appropriate. Let us hope (and dream) that it is the beginning of a new New World, that this world will be much better for many more people, and that this inequity (at least as regards the affair of the e-mails which were criminal one day and commonplace the next day) will turn out to be for the best. Yes you can! Americans can do that. I have faith in you, guys.

Xersex said...

a scheduled post for the day after??
9/11 a day to remember
11/9 a day to regret

Patrick said...

Now live with it! Great images!

mistress maddie said...

I have alot of friends involved in politics, so it was a long night. I ended up at bucks county democratic headquarters till 130 and was feeling ill. Once home I was bombed with texts left and right and had many more gin and tonics with bromide. The smelling salts came this morning. And today may be the first time in years I didn't jack off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean WM said...

I went out and got a huuuuuuge apple fritter at the bakery! It was that or a bottle of gin. Fasten your seatbelts! French Patrick says he has all the faith in us to take this election in stride. 🍸Here is a toast to his optimism.

AOM said...

Peace and Love to you brother, AOM

Steve said...

Celebrating today a great win for America in the defeat of the lying, corrupt, reckless Clinton crime family.

She endangered national security with that server of hers, and then destroyed evidence on a massive scale as if subpoenae meant nothing and the law didn't apply to her.

The wikileaks documents show how depraved it would be to entrust her with the levers of power any further.

Photos 2, 4 and 15 are amazing, by the way.

Jay in Denver said...

I personally could not stand another moment of this election. Just how that number of people turned up across the country to cast their ballot for their next president is amazing. I believe that we must be as one, equality for everyone etc. Regardless of which one was your "best of what we were dealt, and some happy others not so much, but you have to stand behind him and give it our very best effort to become a greater CITIZEN.

And the pictures are over the top. Excellent job and thank you for being YOU

Anonymous said...

You know what's shitty? Trump won through a path only Hillary Clinton (or possibly Schumer or another DLC Dem) could've given him. All because we started drinking the Kool-Aid on a blue Texas, breaking up the Solid South, a blue Arizona, McMullin spoiling Utah, Alaska for some reason...if we pick a name synonymous with policies that killed PA, OH, and MI, we'll get over 438 and not lose any states in the process. What fools we were.

The Clinton people on Democratic sites have gone nuts. Kos has issued a huge mea culpa and actually suggested Bernie head the DNC, which I'm sure has nothing to do with his shitty Alexa ranking and the fact that David Brock's trolls (or Putin's?) have cut his traffic by more than half.

My new game is to deliver as much abuse to them as they gave to us in the past three decades. Especially because, un, Hillbots talked a lot about "demographic inevitability". This always fucks Democrats over! This bullshit gave us George McGovern's one-state strategy.

Interestingly enough, hillaryis44 has become Trump Central this cycle, proving her support within the Democratic Party was all astroturf.

SickoRicko said...

It's the beginning of the end of the world as we know it; I see no good in this.

FlopsReturns said...

I'm with Sicko Ricko. The only GOOD is that when he fails to deliver on the promises he made to all these White Supremacists (jobs, A WALL, et al...which are ALL not only impractical but impossible), THEY will turn on him. It's a devastating and sad time for us.

And to Steve: what crimes have the Clinton's actually committed? She's been cleared by the FBI three times. Where are all the dead bodies in Arkansas? No, this was about HATE...which is EVIL...and WILL NOT REIGN!