Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hump Day Humor

Maybe it's time for a little humor.
He says to his cock

We warned you about "50 Shades..."

Dude, no. Cum in the sock, not on it.

One-eyed Monster

Like anyone would use "Little Dicks"

Dick's Instant Service... Now, that's customer service.

We've been telling you that for years!

Free dicks? I'll take a dozen to go!

We hope so, dude. We hope so.

You promise?

Quick! Point me to the nearest hole!
The Devil made him do it!
Dammit!!! Fine, we'll go to get some free dicks instead.

Little Johnny comes out to play


Xersex said...

ahah so funny!

SickoRicko said...

Absolutely fabulous post today! Love the humor! (BTW, I've been to that Dick's Hamburgers.)

mistress maddie said...

Well a win win here. I like to hump, like humor and like hump day! Iv'e ate at Big Dick's....their a mouth full.!!!! And the Glory Hole Donuts is actually a real place. I have been passed it. I believe it was in Canada. I believe it was in Toronto?

Patrick said...

We must keep our sense of humour!!! Fantastic post! I did not meet him, but I've seen the Bangara guy dance! We had our hottest day so far this summer 38C (about your 100F) here yesterday afternoon. Not good when you're 82.6 years old!!!!! But I still woke up this morning!

Shirtless Lovers said...

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that one guy said...

Ha ha! I love penis/ masturbation humor. Thanks!