Thursday, January 12, 2017

In Our Youth

No wonder we turn into grumpy old men. The aging process is not kind to us. Just as women look in the mirror and obsess over the fine lines and wrinkles beginning to show up, guys obsess over the changes taking place elsewhere.
In our youth, our cocks would pop up in an instant.

The older we get the more effort is needed to get a boner. In our youth, we could play for hours and hours. As we age, it takes more effort to keep it hard.
In our youth, we could cum, and cum again without losing a hard-on.
The older we get, once we've shot a load, it goes soft much too quickly.
We turn to all manner of gadgets to assist us. Pumps are no longer just for fun.
They're a boner-assist.

A cock ring is no longer just for adornment.

They help keep the boner.

Though aging doesn't have to mean the end of enjoying your cock,
as Faithful Reader Patrick has often said in comments on posts: "Enjoy it while you can."


SickoRicko said...

I certainly try to do just that!

Xersex said...

if I'm really tired, I can not even cum once; if I am full of energy and desire, I can cum even twice in a few minutes. It just happened me, so I know what I'm saying. I know also I'm 44 years old, I can admit. I believe that, unless a/some particular disease(s), age can be relevant, but not so much!

Imagination said...

How true your thoughts and perceptions are! It's not easy to accept the development, in special if it's experienced as a loss of sexual power. On the other side there are many tools and inspirations to stimulate the libido effective and to enjoy the pleasure of carnal desire.
As always the pictures are very suitable and expressive. And they are also suitable as a stimulating wanking template. Thank you!

Patrick said...

Ah! You quote me, my friend! Wonderful advice! Yes! It is not just age, but, in my case, prostate surgery that went too far! No! Not cancer! Another great post! My advice remains the same: YES! Enjoy it while you can!

T said...

That is something thats always wondered me; girls think we can only cum once and also once we do cum thats it cant use it again until the next day. Not just girls on that last one but Ive had a few guys say it too. Either they conveniently forgot about their teens/early 20's or they got something else going on.

We can do multiples and we dont need a whole day to recoup. The balls are constantly making the stuff unless something has happened to them. We can also fake it too; dont ever think thats just a girls only trick. Ive seen quite a few girls magazines that have said that crap and coming from alleged health experts too. Its the same thing with guy magazines too (the non porn ones), Ive seen some bullshit in them too. The alleged health experts of magazines.. I think the only thing they experts in is using spellcheck.

Nothing wrong with faking it. There are times when its just not happening. As good or bad as it may be there are times where it doesnt happen. If you got a partner that is pretty open with that sort of thing neither need to put on a show but unfortunately those are few and far between. You will get some that think there is something wrong with them because the other couldn't finish or their too embarrassed or shamed to bring it up.

whkattk said...

@ T - Well said. A partner should understand if it's just not happening. I think we've all had those times, and we should accept them in others with understanding and grace. Just as there are times the cock won't cooperate and get hard...well, it happens. Shrug it off and help your partner enjoy themselves.