Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Most Caring Thing

Buddy Ball Check Day
Because we all begin life as female, the testicles are in the abdomen when they initially develop. It isn't until that chromosome kicks in and the first bath of testosterone washes over us that testes start their journey south.
Why are The Family Jewels, as they are often called, among the most delicate organs of the male body?
The nerves and blood vessels remain attached up in the abdominal cavity, run through the Spermatic Plexus and down to the balls. This is why, when a man is kicked in the nuts, experiences any severe testicular trauma, or develops testicular torsion, the pain radiates up into the abdominal area. We'll often become nauseous from the pain.

The heart rate will increase, blood pressure goes up. Body temperature will increase, we may break out in a heavy sweat. The balls swell. The skin of the ballsac turns red and become very sensitive to the touch. 
Even vomiting is common. Take care of the balls, guys. And, that means doing that monthly Ball Check.
Recruit a buddy, and after you're done comparing, laughing, and giggling to hide the embarrassment
Check each other's balls
It's really the most caring thing you could ever do for a friend.
Here's a YouTube video where Simon Whistler explains why ball pain radiates upward.


Xersex said...

love the video

Fit Studs said...

I adore that title... The post is quite good as well. :) Help a friend out, haha :D