Friday, January 27, 2017

Things Get in the Way

Fellow blogger miss maddie, whose blog A Day with the Mistress Borghese I adore, did a post about Manspreading. Manspreading?? What exactly is that???
This, I guess

Apparently, it's becoming an issue for users of public transportation.

So much so, that New York has begun a new campaign asking folks to please be considerate and share the space for fellow passengers. In other words, they want guys to close their legs.
Nope. Ain't gonna happen.
And here's why: When my siblings and I had to share the back seat of the car, my sister would always complain about the spread legs of us boys. "Why can't you keep your legs together!?!"
Finally, one day, my brother said, "Because things get in the way."
"I never realized how 'out front' they are," as Faithful Reader Jean put it many months ago. Yes, on the outside, things certainly do generate from the front of the lower abdomen.

But, in the sitting position everything drops and hangs between the thighs.

This normal position naturally pushes a man's legs apart.
Even when I danced and had full control over the muscles of my body, in a sitting position, the legs still naturally spread apart.
Unless, our legs are extended and crossed at the ankles,
or crossed at the knees (and even then it's tough) 

or, we're lying on our sides and gravity lends an assist
it really is a struggle to pull the knees together.


Xersex said...

I recognize the guy #6. Isn't he fantastic????

SickoRicko said...

I can see spreading for comfort when there's plenty of room, but when it's a crowded situation, I feel a man should be considerate of other passengers and give up some space.

mistress maddie said...

I knew you'd enjoy that post! It really is a natural thing and just happens. It's not pleasant to have the package squeezed tight with legs together... especially on the balls, that's for sure. And I'll be honest, I enjoy the views! Have a good weekend!

Patrick said...

There are spread legs and there are s-p-r-e-a-d l-e-g-s! I'm a guy and I know that I need to spread my legs to accommodate my genitals! But some guys really overdo it! I know, as I occasionally sit next to them on the bus! Have a great weekend! Ours is going to be hot & humid!

French Patrick said...

With all that you said and what miss Maddie had said, there is not much to add. Therefore I wondered what can replace this neologism. Impoliteness? Bad education? Discourtesy? Or more simply egoism?

I found these two comments which are a little excessive but not completely false:
1st: A term used by Third-Wave Feminists to describe men who spread their legs taking up all the damned space- particularly on subway trains - to make room for their genitalia. However, when women set large purses and shopping bags next to them and take up another seat, it goes unnoticed and is generally dismissed because men are disgusting pigs and penises are bad!
2nd: When a man sits down without having his legs so tightly together at an angle of approximately 10 degrees,he cuts off the blood supply to his genitals and his balls drop off, this man is everything wrong with modern society, he is a despicable misogynist and is entirely to blame for the patriarchy.

Have a great weekend, my very dear Jean and Pat, with lots of bisous.

Anonymous said...

It was a bit of a joke in the music dept at college because organists are supposed to keep their knees together to play the pedals in "classic " fashion.

T said...

Cant keep the legs shut. When your younger you can as your balls havent dropped but once that happens good luck keeping your legs shut. You can do it for a little bit but its not long before it gets uncomfortable down there. Worse when wearing underwear as it pushes everything up and then its a constant struggle with having comfort in the front or your ass eating your pants!

Many underwear ruined as the elastic has gone in the ass. Once its gone out the back the front wont have any support and then you got a whole other situation happening. Before you know it your dick is swinging freely!

Then there is the toilet issue. Im convinced toilet bowls are getting smaller... That is a hygiene issue; all kinds of crap (literally) goes down there. We dont need our dicks touching the bowl when we crap! Stop making the bowls smaller.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add my two cents about "manspreading." I don't understand how anyone could possibly find it intrusive or objectionable. Personally, I enjoy the feel of a man's leg next to mine in a public setting, especially if that leg is hairy! (I know you like 'em smooth.) Also, not only is it enjoyable to observe the bulges of men who are manspreading -- it's a favorite past time of mine -- but it's natural for a man to spread his legs when sitting so that the meat and potatoes don't get painfully squeezed. If women had something dangling between their legs, they'd understand. I also remember reading an article about body language and one of the things it mentioned is that a man who sits with his legs spread is a man who is secure with his manhood and has nothing to hide. By sitting in such a position, he's supposedly saying to the interested observer, "this is what I've got and you're welcome to it!" - G