Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pain-free Functioning

I'm always harping on you guys to be open and honest with your doctors. Yesterday, I had my regular 6-month appointment with my Primary. Turns out she left, and I had been assigned a new one. This new woman is young. I mean, very young. And pretty. That, however, did not stop me from discussing the issues I've been having with my balls.
The previous primary and my neurologist had been kicking this can back and forth for more then two years. It's time to deal with this. Varicocele on both sides, and muscle cramps of the taint. "OK," she says. "Have you ever had an ultrasound done on your balls?" Almost five years ago. She orders another ultrasound. I'm to get this done and then call Urology for an appointment.
If you recall, the last time I had an ultrasound on my nuts, it took about 30 minutes. And I developed a raging boner about half way through.
Since this test will last longer and include the taint, well, my cock will probably stand up much sooner than the last time. But at least I know what to expect. And I can warn the technician to expect it.

I do practice what I preach. The equipment is important. 
Pain-free functioning is very important.
Taking a piss
getting a hard-on




None should be painful. And, no, I'm not talking about the "hurts so good" cum pain. LOL.


Xersex said...

love the illustrations of your posts!

Patrick said...

Trust all goes well! Great set again! Thanks for your visits!

SickoRicko said...

Good thing you're getting that ultrasound again. I wish you well!

French Patrick said...

Between an ultrasound which dates back five years and another which has not yet taken place the suspense reaches its peak. I subscribe to the next episode of this serial.
Love, hugs and bisous, my sweet Pat and Jean.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to have a different set of eyes checking things out. ( actually for the doctor and you.)
When everything is working right, it's all beautiful. Hugs and kisses Pat and French Patrick. JM

Fullmoonma said...

I was impressed when I was seeing my Physician's Assistant on Monday about tendonitis in my groin she also checked out my testicles... maybe these younger women are have less hang-ups than their older colleagues?

whkattk said...

@ Fullmoonma - I think that's correct. The younger the physician, the more apt they are do understand the importance of properly working genitals to a man's overall well-being.