Thursday, January 19, 2017

Because It Feels Good

As any blogger, I love hearing from readers. And I love getting questions because it helps me continue to post; like this Anonymous comment on yesterday's post:

"My boyfriend has no problem bein gnaked anywhere, and I don't mind that at all. But, it seems like he's always playing with himself and jerking off! Why do guys do that so much??"

The short answer:
Because it feels good.
But... Lounging around naked is actually healthy. It allows some fresh air get to those areas which are normally packed away and sweaty.

But, when guys kick back in the nude, our hands will naturally travel south to touch and caress. Personally, I'd spend my life naked if I could. When I'm nude watching TV, say, I'm not really aware that a hand is playing with my cock. It just happens. 

That might lead to a boner
then to absentmindedly stroking.
Which, of course, may turn into deliberately jacking off.

Horny probably tops the list of reasons why guys masturbate so much. We reach a point when the balls feel heavy and full, and ache. Our cocks will get hard, twitch, and (yes) throb with insistence. And we just can't take it any longer - we have to relieve them. The younger we are the more often that happens.

So, don't despair. Frequent jacking off is normal. It's good for him. It's a healthy activity. Offer to lend a hand once in a while. Just don't rush it, don't treat his boner like it's a broom handle. Use long, slow, teasing strokes. Play with the head of his cock. And don't forget to play with his balls. Guys love to play with their balls when they jack off.
The longer we stroke and tease, the bigger the load, the more intense the feeling is when it finally erupts. The more intense the ejaculation, the greater the sense of relief.




Xersex said...

so true!

mistress maddie said...

I have also noticed when the Lad is here, we lounge around in underwear...even then I find a wondering hand.......

AOM said...

Cumpletely agree, bro. Great advice. Clothed or Naked my hands find their way down south. Just natural and normal. I hope you are having a great day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Whish I had some questions to ask so that I could read your answers!!! But at 82.6 I've probably had most of mine answered!!! Yes! The younger one is the more one can jack off! Several times a day sometimes when in one's teens! I'm not sure how often I did it, but it was more that once or twice a day! So guys do it and enjoy it! Wives don't stop him! Yes! It is natural and IT IS GOOD FOR YOU (HIM)!

SickoRicko said...

Excellent post! Terrific pix!

Anonymous said...

great answer as allways!