Monday, January 16, 2017

You Might be Surprised

Over the years since the advent of the internet men have been sitting in front of their computers and jacking off while they surfed porn. 
Now, with cams on, plenty more love turning to a form of mutual masturbation. They watch the other person, while the other person watches them. They'll say how good it feels, or comment on the other's body and how much it turns them on. 
Over the weekend, blogger buddy over at how not to bate reminded me of the years I did a lot of traveling for work. I could be gone from a few days to more than a month at a time. Well, of course, my wife and I both knew that masturbation would be the thing to tide us over.

But we also turned to phone sex. We had no smartphones for sexting. It was simply talk. Fantasies. Imagination. She'd tell me what she was doing to my cock; licking the head, or sucking it deep into her throat. Or maybe she was teasing my balls with her fingernails; sucking a nut into her mouth. Or she was kissing my neck, licking my ears and nipples.
 All the while my hand would stroke
and tease and play, until I could barely speak any longer, 



and the jizz would rocket out - sometimes splattering everywhere


or covering my torso in cum.
Give old-fashioned phone sex a try, sometime. You might be surprised just how hot it can be.


mistress maddie said...

Me and the Lad often have Skype sessions and or phone sex still... since to lives in Ohio. We once even let some guy on chatterbait watch us when he was here once. That was very hot. It's amazing how many guys are on cam...and then multiply that by the thousands of sites........

AOM said...

What is this Internet thing you speak of? Sounds interesting! : ) Some fun activities to enjoy. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Be well and have a JizzTastic Day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Hot hot post!

Xersex said...

love your story!

Patrick said...

Trust your weekend went well. We are still having very hot & humid days and nights! Great images as always!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old days! Hugs Pat and bisous French Patrick. JM

T said...

Ive took part in these a few times. Didnt even stir the bits. Not even a tingle. Did laugh though I thought it was more comedic than sexy. I have had an awkward one with a guy though. I wasnt expecting it but apparently he was. I thought it was all innocent talk and pre-occupied with remembering who he was and why/how he had my number until the brain finally kicked in. He asked what I had on and I said nothing. Wrong answer. I thought he meant activities for the day but no. He said wait until I get in the bed and then I will have nothing on too. I hung the phone up.

Strangely though language does get things going. Foreign language not bad language. If you want to learn a language what better way than to get under it! Make your way through the races.

The story writing one I can do pretty well though. Phone sex not so good at but much better with the writing.