Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Bit of Fun

Well, today, I've got nothin'. So...maybe it's time for a little fun.
New meaning to "beat your meat"

Speazze triplets game: Winner gets suck to it first.

Can you find the QuarterBack?

Well, that's one way to hide that you're pissing in the shower.

Just how big are those Minnows?

"See, bitches? I told you he was hung."

That hot dog is worth at least $1.00.

Well, you have to wash off the cum somehow.

Got a little carried away with the razor. But, evidently HE likes it.

Found the boner pic; now looking for the one to stroke to.

Hike the dress, lower the panties, but not quite subtle enough to avoid detection

"Vintage cars give me a boner!"

Didn't those two see the sign? Shirts required!

The designer HAD to know this would happen.

Somebody forgot their jock and cup

Just ... LOL.


Rick Jeans said...

It's a great day for self pleasuring for sure! All the different pictures you posted would make our dick hard.
Love the soap dispenser as I had something like that at work and joked about it.

Queer Heaven said...

What a fun post today!

Your French Patrick said...

Just for fun, perhaps, but not fun only: some pictures are beautiful.
A single regret, the boy who sits on the toilet turns the pages too fast so that we can read his magazine.
Have a wondrous day, my very dear friend, and a lot of bisous which are not for fun only them too.

JiEL said...

Very funny post today ..

Just that the TRIPLETS aren't the Viconti's...

Their names are Emilio, Leandro and Ricardo but not Visconti as their family name...

The Visconti triplets are Jason, Joey and Jimmy..


Your French Patrick said...

Right: Emilio, Leandro and Ricardo.
And their family name is SPEAZZE.
13 photos of them at http://fringefamily.typepad.com/blog/2012/08/the-speazze-brazilian-triplets.html

Anonymous said...

The one about YMCA. Priceless! Cuz we all know there is more to the Y than the squeaky-clean image they try to project.


Yes! The Visconti triplets do not suck or fuck each other! Great day for some fun! Thanks! Patrick

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

LMAO.. Didn't have the greatest day today, but seriously this post put a big smile on my face.. Some funny stuff dude.

Love the "cum dispenser"..3rd from the bottom... wonder how sticky the soap is?????

And I agree that hot dog is work $1.00 instead of the usual .50 cents:):) Pic#7

Oh yeah, love how the dude is "beating his meat" Pic#1


Xersex said...

Quinn Jaxon pissing in the shower is delicious!

whkattk said...

@ JiEL & MFP - My mistake - I think. When I do a search, their pics come up as well as the "other" triplets. I always wondered why there were two sets...

Rex said...

I will ride that quarterback

Speedorex Blog

SickoRicko said...

Great post!