Monday, August 25, 2014

Your Balls Are Worth It

Just when I'm beginning to believe I have nothing more to say, as the last weeks' posts might attest, someone sends in a question. Whew! I'm glad for it. So, he asks about Testosterone replacement. Specifically if it would cause his nut sac to tighten, and his balls to shrink.
Testosterone (T) levels drop as we age - it's just one of those lovely things that happen to us. It's called Andropause; the male version of Menopause. It sucks! Our energy is lacking, our interest in sexual activity drops and, worst thing of all, our boners tend to be on the limp side. And, that, my Faithful Readers can suck - and not ever in a good way.

The solution is T Replacement Therapy. And our doctors are more than happy to write that prescription. They ensure us our energy levels will get the boost we need - and so will our boners. But, they never seem to inform us of the down side: Over time, our balls will shrink and shrivel.

While they slow production of T, they remain the same size - unless the T is being supplied elsewhere.

My Faithful Reader also notes that his sac is scrunched, pulling his nuts up close. Now, to my knowledge, this should not be happening with T replacement - there is something else going on there. So, this phenomenon calls for a follow-up appointment with the Doc. Our ballsacs only tighten and scrunch to raise the temperature of our balls - and oddly enough to protect them when we sense danger.
And loosen up to lower them back down when the temperature warms them up.
The shrinking size might be slowed by switching to a Compounded Bio-Identical Testosterone Cream. Insurance may not cover it, but if it covers the Big Pharma mass produced crap (which have a long list of side effects, including heart attack), it should cover Bio-Identical Cream. It may cost you a bit more out-of-pocket, but it's worth it. Because you are worth it.




And your balls are worth it.


Your French Patrick said...

@ O!Daddie:

The N°4 of the 22th of August is Collin O'Neal from Hot House.

31 photos of him at

Whishing you a wondrous day,with my kindest regards.

Your French Patrick said...

Hi, my dear Pat,
I am 68 years old (incidentally I would have 69 of it in my next birthday, and 69, it is an interesting position but I am afraid that it is tiring to prolong a whole year) and I have no problem of testostérone nor of libido.
As you often ask for it, I finally decided to control my balls, and I noticed that I have two balls, thus everything is well about that too.
I hope that everything goes as well for you, my love, and I wish you the all the best by kissing you very tenderly.

Postscriptum: I did not dare to invent the neologism "bisouting", but I was maybe wrong. I am going to take time to think about it.


Past all that now! Great post as always - hot me and wonderful cocks. Hugs, Patrick

Xersex said...

I'm aged 42, and I wish my libido and testosterone would drop!!! because I'm thinking to sex so much!!! I know some men aged 70 full of sexual desires with huge erection! I bet my libido won't decrease at all, ever I'll be aged 80! Add I don't smoke and I conduct an healthy life, but without sport (I'm too lazy) excepted sex. And I've a pig mind!

I'm so happy to enjoy your blog again, after my holidays!

here's my last post:

please, go on posting and posting!

O!Daddie now at said...

merci, mon cher Patrick !!

and Cher WHK - sometimes we just have to accept MANOpause with grace and dignity - I wish I was still 20 with a raging boner of steel, but I'm grateful to be a relatively healthy, albeit often soft-serve at age 64.

Anonymous said...

Baldy here == I'm going to be 74 on 9/16.... still very much enjoy boners... not as often as I would like but they do happen... and still wake my in the night fairly regularly... and it feels good to just have the boner to stroke, whether I go to climax or not... usually not.. I fall back asleep.

Andrew Hunter said...

I was reading an interesting article about some of the products we either eat or use to eat killing off out testosterone - not sure if it's true but one was the dishes that you use to cook meals in the microwave. I started taking them out and putting them on plates instead. Hey it can't hurt - I've tried to cut down the use of the microwave too as it is supposed to raise havoc with the food you eat. Not getting the right nutrients etc ... Good article and interesting - I asked my doctor about it and he told me that it was not really safe and that there were going to be a lot of law suits popping up and sure enough they are. Thanks for the post! You know I enjoy your blog a lot!!!

whkattk said...

@ LP - Why are you past having T levels checked? I would think a man of any age would want to maintain a good level of energy and decent boners.

Rick Jeans said...

I'm just starting to read about vitamin B12! We do not produce this as much and we need this for our erections. So check into this. I've started taking it daily now. Injections are better.

RockHard said...

Just over a year ago I had my T checked for the first time = 692. I'm 73. I take two pills daily for BPH and two for blood pressure. I'm one of the lucky ones. I still live up to my name. However, no more BOEs, just a fluffy now and then when I wake up. I agree with Andrew Hunter. I remove frozen veggies from the microwavable bag and steam them. I think they taste better. Whatever you do, please DON'T eat microwave popcorn.