Monday, August 11, 2014

A (Man's) Natural State

The Erection.
The boner. The hard-on. Stiffy. Woody.








We were so embarrassed by them in our youth. Do we ever get over that problem? It appears the answer is, "No." So many men can't even bring themselves to discuss their cocks (or balls) with a physician.
Our cocks are supposed to rise up, stand tall and firm. It's a man's natural state of being. Why is it so difficult for us to talk about; why is it so difficult - what makes us so afraid - to have our own seen? Intellectually, we fully know and recognize that all men get hard-on's; that it's an indicator of over-all health. But, for some reason, when it comes to our own, we get all red in the face, and stammer and stutter.

Whether in mixed company, or in a group of only males it would seem we fear getting a boner.



Any thoughts, guys? Are yours "awkward boners" - or are they a normal, physiological thing?


Your French Patrick said...

Magnificent photos, enough to satisfy all the tastes.
Rather than AwkWARD, I shall say AWARD by removing the two letters W and K and giving them back to "WhacK"
Have a great day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous on your boner, as well if it is awkward orif it is normal.

Andrew Hunter said...

Great question you pose - initially I did have a problem with the doctor - where I have a bigger problem with the doctor is my butt. As for boners in public - I honestly don't get them that much anymore and usually I do if I am in the car - or I get a stirring if I see a really hot man - if that happens - and I am with a man who may or may not be interested in other men - my biggest fear is not really my boner - but the pre-cum that runs out it and leaves spots on my pants. I don't mind that if I am with other gay men - but any body else and I am not a happy camper! Great pictures as always ... and some good thoughts!!

mistress maddie said...

I feel we all have cocks, and we all get hard whether we want to or not. I have no problem with getting hard in company of others. I go to a campground in the Poconos several times a summer, clothing optional. So at the pool I have gotten hard several times didn't seem to bother me or those around me. The cock is a beautiful thing.

Your French Patrick said...

I send you this link.
Bisous, my friend.

Anonymous said...

#5 beautiful dick
#6 impressive
#7 love the ooze
#11 a real tree
#12 terminally cute and gorgeous dick
#13 MMmmmmmm

I'm hung very average and at the gym I really don't try to hide myself but I don't advertise either. This morning I did a little experiment, feeling extra horny after my workout and shower, I allowed my erection to show and turned toward the room and did not try to hide anything. I cleared a large space around me and no one would even look my way....
Very interesting.



Beautiful selection of men and especially COCKS! #7 - glorious! Thanks for your visits and comments. Hugs, Patrick

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew Hunter. It's not so much the boner, but the wet oozing spot in my pants that leads to embarrassment. I ooze easily and a lot. Which is often a very good thing. Occasionally not.


Xersex said...

some dicks to spend hours sucking and milking!

whkattk said...

@ Baldy - That's really too bad about the reaction at the gym. See, that means there's a bunch of men who NOT comfortable with their own cocks. *sigh* there is so much work to be done...

whkattk said...

@ Andrew & artie - Yeah, the pre-cum can be a problem...but glad the boners don't give you issues.

O!Daddie now at said...

These days, the majority of my boners are premeditated. This old, gray stallion just ain't what he usta be, but I'm totally okay with that. Makes me appreciate a little morning wood all the more.

On another note, my naughty bits are in gr8 shape. TG for this because my PCP is a lovely, elderly lady about my age with whom I do not wish to TMI. She's never asked for a look/feel in the 4 years I've been her patient and I'm not about to offer it up.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Another dancer! A thousand bisous, mon ami!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - perhaps she feels that at your age an exam of the goods is not called for. And, I suppose she's right as long as you have no issues with them. I trust you'd say something if there were...

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow those are some nice big balls on the dude in Pic#6, and one thick cock:)

This is what I know about my boners. I see a pic or vid I like, I jerk off or I'll go nuts (no pun intended), so I spill my wad. Now I think I'll be all set for the day right because I just nutted, and now I'm thinking straight again (well not that straight). But NO, somtimes 20 minutes later if something catches "little scotty's " attention.. I'm UP again.. somtimes he can be a pain in the ass. I'm think I'm addicted to porn, in fact I think I have a sex addiction.. and I'm no Spring Chicken. Oh well there could be worse things in life.

Sorry for carrying on. But if I was a chick, I would be a whore. Opps that slipped out.

Thanks for bearing with me.