Monday, August 18, 2014

Sweaty Balls / Bulge Boost

With freeballing over the weekend and the heat and humidity I was reminded how much a man's ballsac sweats. Without the material of the briefs to soak it all up it can begin to chafe. And that's a bad thing. My wife and I were standing in line at a store and I realized that my sac was dry and silky soft. I couldn't help myself - it just blurted out, "God, I love my Freshballs." She laughed. The woman behind us scowled as if I'd just threatened to expose my whole package right there in line.
So, men, if you have never heard of it (or tried it), here I offer you the solution to sweaty balls:

Gone is the chafing, gone are the "bat wings," no more dealing with the underside of your cock sticking to the ballsac it rests along.
And, when you freeball, depending on the type of pants you wear, the bulge doesn't always appear pronounced.


If you are like me and enjoy a good, prominent bulge


Even if you're freeballing


here's something to give your package a nice lift.


Called the BunnG (click the word to go to their blog), it works very similar to a cock ring, but you'll never have to worry about this slipping off your soft cock.


And, before anyone asks: No, I am not affiliated with either of these companies, nor do I receive any compensation from them in any way. They just happen to be products that work.


Mister Opti-mix-tic said...

An article terribly exciting!!!
There are only beautiful males!!!

Your French Patrick said...

The cock ring can be a jewel too, for instance those from Esculpta at
I like very much the model Imperator in Gold, silver and precious stones.
Before anyone asks: No, I am not affiliated with this companie, nor do I receive any compensation from it (lol).
I think that the cock ring is more respectful of the freedom of the sex than the BuunG which makes it undergo a sort of torture by hanging.
And no cock ring will slip off my "soft cock" (by the way, how do you know this private detail about me?) except if it is a two-bit one.
Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, with my kindest regards and tons of bisous.


Even now in my "old age" I enjoy freeballing. I used to wear a cockring much of the time, but not any more. I have my own mixture that I rub into my cocks and sac every morning, and it warks very well.

O!Daddie now at said...

ummm, love the bulges - guilty of blatant staring ☺☺☺

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, you are correct. I would know nothing of your soft cock - it is always HARD for me! ;-)

Your French Patrick said...

With no less than three meanings for HARD, obviously.
I understand easily as it's the same for me.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

I love looking at what a dude is packing:):)