Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Straight and Naked

A couple of comments and emails touched on a subject that intrigued me. That Straight men are fearful of casual nudity around a group of other guys - in a setting such as a party, getting together to watch a football game, or other such gathering of men.




The fear of popping wood is tantamount; always in the back of their minds. "The guys would think I'm gay, or I'll hit on them." or "Some dude might hit on me."





Straight dudes, let me hear from you. Is this assessment at all accurate? Do you fear getting a boner, or even a semi-hard on, should you kick back in the nude with your buddies? Do you fear getting hit on?


Xersex said...

I couldn't answer you for two reasons:
1. I'm gay
2. I don't use get naked with other guys, unless I have to sex!

Anonymous said...

I'm gay too - but when I was in high school popping wood kept me from being on the wrestling team - something I wanted to do actually - I was small and thought I would be good - but was so afraid of the shame I would bring on myself - I decided not to do it ... I was still able to run track - but I did want to wrestle and the fear kept me from it.

Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...

I am gay, I discovered it only in the twenty-eighth year of my 68 years.
I thus know what is to be homosexual or heterosexual.
But I ignore what the word straight means.
I do not want to know it.
I dispute it.
I reject it.
This word makes me grind my teeth.
What is its opposite? Twisted? In zigzag? Circular?
Straights are self-proclaimed like that to stigmatize the others in a top-down manner from their self-satisfaction and from their fundamentalism.
To split the difference, I am ready to accept that they are straights in their heterosexuality and we, the gays, straights in our homosexuality.
I accept straight as adjective, not as name.
Have a wonderful day my very dear friend, and I send a lot of bisous straight to you.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh, com-on guys, I am basically 98% gay, yes believe or not, I have sex with women, once in a blue moon, and I like it. Don't know if that makes me bi..but that's the scoop.

Now I have a very STRONG attraction for STR8 men, love their physical and emotional attributes (maybe because I don't think I have them) I really don't know.

And it's not the stupid reason that is, you like what you can't have, or it's the chase.

I do suck STR8 cock, and to be honest if they return it, I am bascially turned off, when I looking for STR8 Cock, that's what I want.. blow and go, NO RECIP.

I do wish so straight dudes would respond to this post. I would love to hear their answers to the question that was posted.

Thanks for letting me vent.


never really had the chance, before accepting that I was gay, late thirties! Nudity was a real no-no till then!

T said...

Shame, embarrassment, ridicule and uneducated. That is all it comes down to. You could have been taught by your parents about life but as soon as you get to school its all out the window.

Growing up it was straight, I was lucky I had open parents and nudity was common in the household. We all thought it was a non issue. Same as sex and sexuality (we got both talks). We all thought it was normal until we got to high school..

Everyone in school wants to fit in and no one wants to be put in that position of potentially being shamed or ridiculed so they will go for safety. They see everyone else clothed so they will copy them. When your that age hardly anyone is comfortable with themselves so they turn to ridiculing and shaming others.

Its not until people grow up and mature that they realize its a non issue. It may take people straight away and it may take decades or until they even have families of their own.

Education is everything. Unfortunately sexual education is considered taboo and its not taught until its too late. Some dont even get taught at all

Queer Heaven said...

Of course I am gay, but I did spend 4 years in the Army. So I was surrounded by mostly str8 dudes 24/7. From my experience these dudes had totally no problem being naked with other guys. And a little secret.... if one guy got a boner..there was always another guy willing to suck him off.... truth!

O!Daddie now at said...

I tend to equate nudity with sex. It would be/is difficult for me to be in a group of nude guys and not get 'excited'.

Fullmoonma said...

I go to a gay swimming hole a lot - mostly nude, but the younger guys usually have trunks on. My theory is that they don't want to show spontaneous boners because they will be misinterpreted as invitations to sexual contact. The culture of this place is that sex is OK up in the cruising area in the woods, but not on the beach, but you sometimes see or show boners and I'm sure they are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I am straight.

What would be my reaction to getting nude in front of other guys?...or a bunch of women for that matter.

It depends on a lot of things.

Would I do it?....sure, if others did or had a predisposition to doing it.....such as at a frat party.....or in a randy beach area. Otherwise, no. And to be honest, there aren't all that many opportunities out there these days for a married guy with a family and career (that I don't want to jeopardize) or have to try and explain.

I think it all comes down to playing it safe and avoiding ridicule as T said earlier in his comments.

It's been several years back now, but the last time I got nude with others was at someone's party where we all decided a dip in the hot tub would be nice. I didn't mind....everyone else skinny dipped with wine in hand. However, I would have not done it by myself though, nude in front of fully clothed people with funny expressions on their faces.

And it is also true: when I was younger, popping an outrageous boner at a weird time was always a worry....nude or clothed.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Lakota sweat lodge: Bind the foreskin first because the exposed glans is considered a sign you're horny. And this is a culture where homosexuality is considered normal and even the only option at times! In a place where you get an erection just from the heat.

Something about the erect penis makes guys assume either the best or the worst, depending on how hot the guy is.