Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's All About the Cum

As Louis C.K. continued his riff on jerking off, he made two more very true statements (isn't it ironic how comedy is filled with so much truth?). His view is shared by virtually all men: Women don't get it.
"We need to release the pressure before we go out and kill someone. Maybe our dicks should come with a built-in Pressure Gauge."
No matter how that gets accomplished: Sex, Blow jobs, Hand jobs, Jacking off ... It's all about getting our rocks off; relieving the pressure in those aching balls of ours.
And, if that happens to be while we're hanging out with a buddy, or a few buddies

well, so what? Because, Ladies, it's not about love, it's not about intimacy, it's about the orgasm, jizz, cumming.
We want to, not just because it feels good
but, because we need to. The balls ache, the cock twitches and bones up
and we need to jack off, whether we're alone
or with a buddy who we can be honest with about having a hard-on

and we sit together and stroke our own cocks
or a buddy jacks us to completion

It's just all about the the release


Queer Heaven said...

All those photos today of cumming!!
I think I need to cum soon..even though I am at work! For some reason photo E is one of the hottest I have seen in ages!

Your French Patrick said...

If I say that all these showers are refreshing, I am not sure that "refreshing" is the most appropriate word, but they are obviously welcum in Summer!

Thank you for all these fuckorable GIFs.

Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, and a shower of bisous.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that E is a mighty fine picture but most of these are today. I like the commentary as well. I find this to be more and more true. Finding the right buddy who wants to just release with you are help you release is difficult in a smaller city - It maybe in a larger city, I don't know. I just know that release with a buddy is better than a solo!


OH! WOW! What else is there to say??!!!???

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

One freaking hot post.. love it and true.. If I don't jack and catch my nut, I can't think "STRAIGHT"..


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's true, women don't get it. They want their men to be sweet, but no matter how many times you tell em, they don't understand this:

Give a guy a couple screaming orgasms. Afterward, he'll be so much more placid and pleasant to be with!

Is the Louis C.K. show you saw (which one was it?) available at


whkattk said...

@ Eddie - I'm not sure about the title - or if he's got it available on his website. I caught it on Comedy Central (I think). But, if it is, the riff on cock starts at just about half way through the hour.

Xersex said...

I love cum, make my elixir d'amore swallowed, and swallow other.

no wonder some ladies have some difficulties on that. I know some guys who don't like swallowing cum, but for me it's so sweet and erotic ... Ending a sexual situation with a mutual swallowing it's so great!