Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Carefully Taught

Faithful Reader, Jean, reminded me of when I was a kid... Our family would sit at the dining table, the window facing the street. In the house across from us was a young couple with three young daughters separated by 9 months (yes, that couple was busy; determined to have their family as quickly as possible).
As our dinner would be concluding, the girls would be finished with their baths. The side door of their house would burst open, and one by one those three girls would run out naked as the day they were born. Laughing, giggling, and squealing with joy, they would head toward the back yard. Mom or dad would be close behind, laughing.
To this day, the memory invokes a smile. I wish we all could have maintained that pure innocence, that pure unabashed joy. No sense of shame over the bodies nature provided.







The real shame is being taught that our bodies are dirty and should be covered up in embarrassment. As the song from South Pacific states (though it is about bigotry), "You've got to be taught, from year to year; It's got to be drummed in your dear little head; You've got to be carefully taught."
Isn't it strange that we teach some things all too well,


while others, more important, are ignored completely?


Hot guys pictures said...

Yet another dreamy post. So many sexy guys. <3

Anonymous said...

Pat, there is a time for everything. Sometimes it is good and appropriate to let it all hang out and other times it is not. But I get your point.

Anonymous said...

Where did picture 11come from? What is the context? Contest, movie scene. Look like the short guys were on the right and asked with a dark ankle band and the big guys on the left with a different ankle band. Do the ankle bands have anything to do with size?

AOM said...

Amen, brother! If people are taught from birth by parents and culture then the idea of being naked would not be dirty but would be natural, normal, and joyous. I have often been a bit jealous of those growing up in those cultures. Great pix! Wishing you a joyous naked day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Queer Heaven said...

First thing.... that last photo is just super great!
Unfortunately grew up in a very religious house, being told how evil the human body was and specially DA DICK! When I was a kid and taking a bath, I was told to wash the dick last and to never use my bare hand...wash cloth only.
...........it is amazing that I turned out so completely naked friendly.

Xersex said...

#7 Tom Bianchi, photographer with italian roots!


When I was about twelve years old there was a group off us - a trio really - who used to play together in the nude. My mother knew that we did this but never objected, by then my father was dead. She did tell me once not to take my clothes off in front of girls! She often saw me naked around the house and never objected. It was not till I went to boarding school that I was told that nudity was bad! Another great post! Hugs Pat!

A French Patrick said...

I lived 18 years at Madagascar, and at that time, Malagasy, parents and childre, shared the same and only room of their hut, including when they made love. They bathed nudes in rivers or in sea.
I had many photos that I gave to a photographer who made a whole exhibition with them.
Have a great day. Bisous my friend.

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - the photo is a still from a video (sorry, don't know the title) of nude wrestling. The different color ankle bands denote teams. Red Team and Blue Team. Wonder who won??? Though winning in these is not the point at all. LOL.