Friday, July 31, 2015

So Much in Common

We men and our cocks. Each of us has formed a particular infatuation with our own.
Sometimes we obsess over them - particularly when they won't cooperate. We'll sit in abject dejection and ponder what to do.

Yet, we are so loathe to talk about them face to face with another person.
Sites like Frank Talk provide a service for us when we're too embarrassed to talk about boners and jizz with our friends and relatives.We'll get on the internet to ask questions anonymously, searching for answers that could most likely be given by a close friend. After all, he's got a penis. He knows how it's supposed to operate. He may even know what would cause it to malfunction, and offer a suggestion on what might help overcome the problem.

Not that I'm dissing those forums; not at all. But, get with the program guys. The first step is admitting honestly, openly, that you have a cock,
that it gets hard,
that you enjoy it
for more than taking a whizz.
So, grab the opportunity this weekend to bolster your nerve. Broach the subject with a relative or buddy.


He may let loose with an embarrassed laugh at first, but forge ahead.
You both might be surprised to find you have an awful lot in common when it comes to that prized possession between your legs, and that you can learn much from one another.




Have a terrific weekend!


Queer Heaven said...

Being 100% I am not sure what straight guys talk about with their buddies, unless is is something sexual about some women. But I do know, at least in my experience... Gay guys DO talk to their buddies about their possible Dick problems. At least most of my friends do.

Spear said...

I can't imagine my ever talking to any of my friends about cock. I know we all have one and can't deny that we all do the same things, but in the privacy of our own space wherever that may be. It's how we were brought up. Now maybe this young generation has some different ideas. It will be interesting to read some comments from them, if they decide to open up.

RockHard said...

I've really never given this subject any thought. No reason to. Mine functions as well now as when I was a kid. It gets hard anytime I wish. He'll even come again in about 30 mins to an hour. OK, that's the part not like a kid. He can do that several times a day. I wish my father and I had been close. I'd like to know what he was like. Surely, I've inherited this from somewhere. After all, I'm 75 for crying out loud.

A French Patrick said...

The young gays, thanks to or by the fault of Internet, know so much and even more about sex than the people of my generation in its forties.
As for me, my only fears are that they format their brains with extreme sites, (sadomasochistic, zoophiles, scatological, etc).
They have no problem to speak about it with their gay friends, and also with their heterosexual friends if they made their coming out.
And they begin also much younger.
Rare are the ones who can both read and understand "18+ only".
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


I used to discuss these things with my doctor. But now I just don't worry about my cock! It's there! It's a good hose to empty my bladder! But since my second prostate surgery, it does not do much else! Trust you have a restful weekend! Hugs and thanks, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Everyone should be comfortable to talk about whatever with a friend.

Jean said...

Straight men talk very little about anything (As if they are only allowed a certain number of words every day)

I hope I'm not making a sweeping generalization but it seems my gay male friends (I'm not) talk alot more about everything. So I can see Queer Heaven's point about them talking more about issues, etc. and at the top of the list are we women. We OBSESS over all our body parts. So it seems often gay men and women are kindred spirits.

Xersex said...

I have none to talk about my dick, but I can enjoy my dick and myself a lot. Me and my dick have a very good relationship!

I'm at home again. I'm going to see and read all your posts

My last one:

have a good weekend!

Cali-Boi said...

What a great blog and with useful and helpful news. And plenty of cock to enjoy. Can one ever get enough cock?