Monday, July 6, 2015

No Shame

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Our 4th was filled with family fun around the pool - no BBQ as it was blazing hot again.
We opted for a variety of sliced meats and cheeses from the deli, and a wide choice of breads from the the local bakery. Support the independent businesses is important. Plus, and especially at the bakery, things always appear fresher than the large chain stores we have here.
'Course, there was no nudity with the family around - it bothers them too much - they are the type who are ashamed of what they've been born with. But, yesterday. Yesterday was a quiet day, lazing about the house with a dip in the pool every now and then.
We've got new neighbors, who were entertaining family (I'm guessing), and at one point my wife asks me if I'm not afraid one of them will pop a head over the fence and see me skinny dipping or wandering naked around our back yard. Then she stopped, grinned, and said, "Well, that was a stupid question, wasn't it? Of course you don't care. You have no shame." 

And she's right. I don't. As I've said here many times, I've got nothing which shouldn't be there. Everything that dangles (or stands up!) is what all men are born with. We've got nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.







Even if we pop a boner.



Fit studs said...

And that's how it should be. Nudity rocks.
That last guy is dreamy AF, btw... :)

Queer Heaven said...

It really is a shame that more people are not afraid to show what they have.
Damn...I grew up in a household where if my brother or me happened to run into the bathroom naked, my dad would get so upset.

A French Patrick said...

If you were an expatriate, my dear friend, it's obvious that you would be happy and proud of a tribute to your country, at least as much as the residents if it is not more because the mother country misses you. Of course, this tribute includes them implicitly. But when it is explicit, trust me, besides what precedes, to notice without ambiguity that they are not forgotten moves them profoundly.
I hope that one of the "ex-pats" among your followers will confirm what I say (or the contrary if I am wrong).
By the by, no more need to do what you promized me about how to be ass fucked without pain nor risk, especially when we are virgins. Give it up, I did it by myself.
Bisous, my dear friend.

SickoRicko said...

Yes, nudity is natural and it feels good, too!


Fantastic post! I was trying to select one - #5 or #6 or !!!! They are all wonderful. Hugs, Patrick :-)

Jean said...

Great Post as ever! The really young are really clueless to nudity issues. In fact the love to take off running in glee when they get their clothes off!

Xersex said...

#4 a marvellous Levi Poulter!!!

enjoy my last post:

storyman3119 said...

Nice to be able to lay around the pool naked. My kind of activity.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Yep! When I was a kid, the couple across the street had 3 daughters (9 months apart - yep, they were busy!). Those girls would get their baths and then burst out of the side door naked as they day they were born, laughing, giggling, and squealing. It was very comical, but the joy they expressed was pure as the driven snow. How I wish we could all maintain that lack of shame!