Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ashamed or Proud?

Faithful Reader Jean has brought up a very good point to ponder: Why the proliferation of "Dad Pants" (regardless of age) that men seem to want to wear?

(And, please save us from Harem Pants)
Or those loooong shirts to cover the crotch?

As she says, straight men especially seem to shy away from clothes that might accentuate the lower half of their bodies (these pics do not intimate that I know the sexual orientation of the modesl)
So, here's the question: What say you, men? 

Are you ashamed of what you've got behind the zipper? Or proud of it?


A French Patrick said...

Sorry, Pat. I woke up at half past five in the afternoon. You guess for whom, who else? I can only tell you that I love you and that you made of the good job, one more time. Bisou, my heart.
Postcript: Thanks for your comment. It reminded me that I wrote a text about the incest that I'll send to you.


I see quite a few guys around with nice bulges and a guy the other day was certainly going commando! Tight, short-shorts were in fashion here last summer. Thanks for your comment! I'm taking some time away at the end of August and that might help me regain some enthusiasm! Thanks and hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

I'm beginning to think guys don't really have to advertise what they have because women don't expect them to. The reverse is true for women, men are very VISUAL creatures and expect to look at women. So women put on a show for them.

Probably makes no difference if they are gay or not, all men seem to want to look! But not be looked at.

Women are too busy sizing up the competition (maybe gay men do the same.)

SickoRicko said...

In my youth it was "painted-on jeans", now I've too much belly to be comfortable with that.

AOM said...

Proud but choose the company I bulge for. : ) Glad to see more guy bulging these days - epecially football player! I hope you are doing well, brother! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

I came too soon today?
No problem, I'll have two updates to see tomorrow and you have no less my best wishes for a happy hump day with a lot of bisous.

Xersex said...

delicious set of dicks! they seem so inviting!