Monday, July 13, 2015

So, I Do

Along with weakening and easily tiring muscles, weak erections were an early symptom of my disease, but I was too stupid to realize it. As the sex tapered off, my wife once asked me, "Why don't we have much sex anymore." My answer: "It's too strenuous. To be honest, it's too much like work now." Her response: "But you can jack off." "Yes. Not easily anymore, but yes." Then she said, "Yet, sometimes I see your dick still gets hard in the morning."
Yep. I still wake up with a semi-boner. Sometimes, they even feel like they're hard enough to pound nails. So, I asked my doctor what the deal is. "Why would I wake up with a good hard-on but they wilt so quickly with sex?"

"It's the strain on your entire body. Your muscles tire and the brain, says, 'Stop doing that, it hurts!' so your erection wilts."


"Well, fuck..." He laughed. "Nope. Ain't gonna happen any more. Masturbate when you can though." So, I do.



Even though that gets tiring as well. My arms give out rapidly. I find myself taking up the old masturbation sleeve. The ribs provide enough stimulation to get me to cum.
Because, oddly enough, cumming not only relieves my aching balls, but delivers enough Seratonin to muscles to relieve the cramping of the Muscular Dystrophy.





Xersex said...

sex is so good for the body, health, heart, soul, mind!!!!

Queer Heaven said...

My friend.... It is so refreshing to have a blogger be so truthful about his situation. Also, thanks for all the great comments you leave on my blog.

A French Patrick said...

Apparently, your doctor had no big confidence in the Coué method (based on the principle of autosuggestion and self-hypnosis).
Regrettably, it is not still enough to want to be able to.
As for me, what I want is that you have a wondrous day, and I send you a lot of bisous.

AOM said...

I agree with QH, very good that you are so open about what's going on with you. Anytime you need a helping hand, I'd be overjoyed to help. Huggin' and Strokin' you, bro. AOM

Hot guys pictures said...

What a great sight to see. Heaven to my eyes. <3


So wonderful of you to share your story. Great post as ever. Thanks for your visits and comments. Much appreciated. Hugs, Patrick

OH! I was looking for an address this morning and found your response to my question about sending you my book of poetry! Did I send you a copy? I can't remember! More hugs, This Old Man!

Anonymous said...

Why a regular ejaculation a day. The "zinc" so important for many of the human organic functions, amongst which the reproductive ones, may cause cancer in the prostate. Since your handy-cap prevents you to more or less bate, I suggest to acquire a "cobra libre II" a German 2-motor gland vibrator. You don't necessarily need a erection to come and the vibrator does the handy force usually spent. Your spouse may be a helpful assistance.

SickoRicko said...

Bummer man! So glad that you're able to work through this, with an understanding wife too.

Jean said...

Thanks for candid info, you've got our admiration. So how do your massage sessions help? If I remember you seem to finish ok during them, or am I wrong? If ever the "use it or lose it" is really is true.

mistress maddie said...

I can tell you have got a great attitude and a "won't give up" side. I'm sure you have a great piece, and we know how well you take care of it!!! How does your wife deal? Is she fine with the sex that takes place, or does she take matters into her own hands as well? I only ask because I was in a relationship once, and we had no problems jacking off in front of each other if one was too tired. I have often wondered how straight couples cope.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thank you so much. I shall look into the prostate stimulator.

whkattk said...

@ LP - My liege, I do not think you sent me a copy. But I should be glad to have one and read.

whkattk said...

@ AOM - Brother, I am always open to a helping's so nice to be able to kick back and be cared for. The wife doesn't have the technique required, nor the patience it takes to bring my nuts to a complete boil. Hugs, bro!