Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Everyone Deserves a Little Me Time

Questions from readers and I am more than happy to answer them. As you all know, I'm pretty much an open book. No doubt, some of you are thinking, Yes, too open! LOL.
Faithful Reader, Jean, asks if massage helps. Yes, it really does. Particularly if the masseur takes caution and doesn't dig or knead too deeply into the muscle. (The current one is still way too rough.)
And, of course, if at some point he brings me to ejaculation (which he does) it helps even further.
It's difficult seeking out masseurs. As I've said before, I get a hard-on with every massage; man or woman, it never fails. And I do warn them ahead of time now because of a few very bad experiences. Discretion must be maintained (I certainly don't want anyone to lose their license), yet for medical reasons I do appreciate the extra attention.


Our favorite Mistress asks if my wife takes her needs into her own hands. Yes, she does. A few years back, I gave her a very nice vibrator which she uses.
And, many years ago, I gave her a beautiful vibrating dildo which I used to employ for her pleasure; I know she hauls it out once in a while. (And, no, I do not use it. lol)

There were plenty of times we would lie side by side and masturbate together - or each other.

Spouses and partners should absolutely be free to masturbate - even if there is no medical problem. There are many reasons one might prefer to simply jack off rather than engage in partner activity, not the least of which is the wish to touch, fondle, stroke, and take as much or as little time as desired without having to worry about satisfying a partner. We all need and deserve a little "me time."







Hot guys pictures said...

#8 & #9 are heavenly! ^_^
I do agree with you, masturbation has it's quality.
And good that you have some masseurs who please you. ;)

Xersex said...

Gabriel http://barefootmen.blogspot.com) is a masseur!


Lots of great advice for those who need it and, of course, hot images! Hugs, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

Just the time to wish you a good day with a lot of bisous, because I spend all day long with my son and my grandsons by July 14th, our national day.

mistress maddie said...

why I thank you for answering that! I know all too well, the gay guys I was with didn't mind watching me jack off, if they were tired, and with many friends we lie beside each other and jack off. I had always wondered of straight couples did that. I figured they did. And if you can believe this I don't own a vibrator or dildo!

SickoRicko said...

Very good post, with very hot pix!

Jean said...

Couples are couples, gay or straight so I suspect we all have the same needs and wants. Which does bring up a good question, Is it better to retain your desire, or your ability, for sex?? It seems women seem to lose the former and men the latter. I can't decide.

AOM said...

Hey Brother, Great info. I appreciate all you share. Thanks also for all the great inspirational pix. Wishing you a beautiful day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

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