Thursday, July 23, 2015

We All Need the Info

So, not only do parents not have any discussion with their sons, apparently the ladies don't fare any better. Which is really a shame, when you think about it. These days of instant communication and access to information via the internet helps - so long as one is careful. There is a plethora of mis-information; an abundance of misleading "facts."
My opinion is that women need some information about the workings of a man's package, just as men should have a complete understanding of why the damn thing does what it does.

For instance, one afternoon the wife and I lounged by the pool. I had no idea I'd begun to get a boner. My cock had risen to half mast and my wife asked what I was thinking about.
I looked down and there it was...
It was nothing more than one of the eleven (or so) spontaneous BOEs we get during waking hours and it subsided a few moments later. If I hadn't learned what those were all about what would we both have believed? I was horny? I was thinking about sex with someone else?



Conversely, nocturnal boner rises up full and can remain that way for as long as 90 minutes (which is why we get fewer BOEs during the night). It is only because our minds are not preoccupied with chores, work, bills, or dealing with our kids school and extra-curricular schedules. We are completely relaxed.
The morning wood is the final sleeping stiffy.
Too many people still believe it is a "piss hard-on" - that our cocks are hard to close off the bladder so we don't wet the bed. Wrong. It has nothing to do with needing to pee.
That final flagpole is because we've entered REM sleep. The body takes advantage of that and that particular woody is more apt to be like a steel pole - and takes its sweet time subsiding when we wake up 
Usually as we take that morning whizz.
If that type of information was properly imparted to both genders we wouldn't be faced with believing those hard-ons are all about sex. We wouldn't have wives or girlfriends harboring thoughts that their spouse or partner was thinking about some hot chick - or stud muffin - from last night's movie or TV show.

And men wouldn't be left to believe that they must be hornier than usual and must've been thinking about getting laid
 a blow job
or hand job.
So, until you found out, what did you think about the workings of cocks?


A French Patrick said...

Hi Pat
You are quite right by saying that, on the web,: "There is a plethora of mis-information, an abundance of mis-leading "facts."
And even also of mis-leading photos.

The worst blogs instil drop-by-drop of the false, pernicious, dangerous ideas and too many people is persuaded that it's true, good, well.

Without other real reason than the habit to see it, the fact that they have been tamed to that, the fact that they are accustomed to see that.
Without other reason than it has became familiar for them, daily, harmless.
While behind the blog hide predators who lie deliberately and shamelessly.

Trust me, I know what I am telling. Alas!

You add: "So, not only do parents not have any discussion with their sons..."

Yes, but when the parents discuss with their children with the praiseworthy intention to avoid them errors, the risk exists to indoctrinate them by passing on them the false ideas, the prejudices, the complexes and inhibitions of which they inherited by the same way from their own parents, and in that case it would not be more bad than they shut up their big mouth.


I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous (+ those that I cannot send to AOM)


It was a mystery! But "OH" the joy of jacking off! It is interesting that, though I have trouble getting a good hard erection when I'd like one, I sometimes wake during the night with a really wonderfully hard erection. Not because of a dream, but it is just there. Hugs, Patrick

Anonymous said...

I've known since my mother knocking on my door, telling me it was time to get ready for school, that my morning wood usually had little to nothing to do with sexual thoughts. Most times I'd be hard as a rock and my abruptly disrupted dream usually had nothing to do with sex or bodies or anything like that.

However, I need to add that my wife STILL thinks all my boners are about sex, even though I try to explain to her differently. She thinks I'm just trying to cover up that I'm a sex maniac. Sometimes......I don't mind her thinking that.

Jean said...

We women often think you guys are all fairly simple. You're the ones who can drop off to sleep before the pilot has even closed the plane's doors. And we're still checking out the exits. Also, our bodies seem to be so much more complicated with monthly cycles and pregnancies, etc. it must really be a pain to have erections regardless of what's going on in your heads. But of course we think you're guilty anyway.

I just figured out that Christmas lights have a fuse in the plug. What else do you guys know but we don't? Most of the men I know don't EVER talk about their equipment, maybe they feel there is something wrong with being that interested. Women obsess over theirs. I also supect A LOT of men find this site really interesting.

Also, little boys stop wetting the bed long before they reach puberty.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Yes, I know I get a LOT of straight men are reading. They rarely leave comments - though if a direct request is made, they will - mostly anonymously. Some email me with their comments and questions. After all, they're guys and they have the need for information too. They're usually filled with praise for the blog, thankful that I do it. And, upon occasion, I get reprimanded for the scarcity of images for them. But, what's a guy to do when the blog is about cocks and balls? LOL.

Yes, men shy away from talking about their packages for fear of others thinking that maybe they're gay. Not a totally unfounded fear, unfortunately.

Xersex said...

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