Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What was Your Curriculum?

See there? I knew Big Whack had the best Faithful Readers around. Each and every response - comments and emails - indicated an absolute willingness to help out a fellow man who had questions or concerns. Good answers, too. You all pass! LOL.
If you recall some posts about prostate related ED by a Faithful Reader from a couple years ago, he is a prime example of how wonderful the folks here are. He responded to the post to say he ultimately decided upon an implant. It's working well, and he willingly talks about it and helps other men facing the decision.

Speaking of helping folks - which is what we're all about here...
I know it's been covered before, but a fairly new follower has asked:

"My Dad never once talked to me about sex.  I learned everything from friends.  This was long before the age of the Internet so I had few resources.
I always wondered if other men had the “talk” and just what all was explained.  One friend claimed that his father showed him how to masturbate.  Mine never mentioned anything about it to me or my 2 brothers."

So, now... What say you, folks? Did your parents ever have "the talk" with you?
What all was covered? Arousal?
The difference between arousal and spontaneous boners, and morning wood?

STDs and contraception?
Sexual positions?

And Ladies, please feel free to tell us how much information you were given. I'd really like to hear from you on this.


mistress maddie said...

The talk?!?!? Neither of my parents talked to me about anything. My father did give me a book though. I discovered all the important things through me nephew or step nephew. We were only 6 months apart. We always jacked each other off, where it got to the point where I would blow him. After he went into the service, I moved on the school chums.

A French Patrick said...

What was My Curriculum?
LOL, vitae, obviously.
What else?
And it still is it.

Great choice of photos.
N°13 Dolph Lambert & Florian Nemec from BelAmi Online.

Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

Queer Heaven said...

The only "talk" that was had about sex in our house was what I mentioned in a comment before.
I can hear my father now " Do not under any circumstances touch what is between your legs"

Hot guys pictures said...

Love the sexy teacher!! And the guy with dark hair from picture #5. <3

Spear said...

The talk? Never happened. Both parents were immigrants. Father didn't have a clue about what to say to his oldest son (me) about much of anything let alone sex. Not that he was dumb, just didn't have the info about what to say or how. Mother was educated at a catholic school by nuns that didn't say boo about sex. The internet was years away back then. I had to learn anyway I could. I like to think I got most of it right for a gay man with a husband.

Anonymous said...

Not a word about anything related was ever spoken!


My father died when I was ten. A teacher gave me a book to read which was helpful. It was not till I went to boarding school that I got "the talk" from the priest in charge. As I've shared before he told us all that "only evil men masturbate"!

I'll have a word with the masseur!

Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

Nothing from my parents either. I went to Catholic schools so you can imagine how much the nuns shared, ha! I think it was, the less known the more likelihood we'd stay out of trouble. I actually learned a lot from friends and reading Playboy and the letters asking questions. I'm actually still learning from you all.

Sounds like most of us hit maturity with little info! Could be why we find your blog so informative.

SickoRicko said...

The only thing said to me was from my mother: "Keep your peter in your pants."

whkattk said...

From my father: Beatings with a razor strap when he saw my brother masturbating.

Nothing from my mother except: "If you ever get a girl pregnant, I'll cut it off."

Lovely, eh?

A French Patrick said...

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Anonymous said...

On the weekend before I was about to go to middle school, my father and I were doing the dishes after dinner alone (my mother worked nights) and my father said something like, "You know about sex, don't you?" Of course, I was completely embarrassed because (1) we had never had any discussion about sex in our house and (2) I really didn't know much about sex. However, to cut short the embarrassment on both sides, I just lied and said, "Sure!" and that was the end of it. I actually got most of my basic information (pre-Internet, of course) from a book I found in the library.

I give my dad credit for at least raising the subject, but failing marks for the follow-through. And, if he had known I was bi-sexual, I don't think he would have known what to tell me even if I had said that I wasn't up to speed on sex.

Xersex said...

I've learnt everything by myself, or talking with friends or with porns. No talking with my parents. Never.