Friday, July 24, 2015

Life's Lessons Missed

Jean, I would like to hear more about what goes on in the mind of women in regards to men's equipment. We guys suspected that you never believed us about those boners popping up unexpectedly. Maybe that's why so many men hide in the bathroom to jack off; though I'll bet you all know what's going on anyway! Lol.

Yet, I also suspect there are many, many things people wish they had known before they were set loose on the world. The least of which is that guys are more prone to, more prolific with masturbation than the ladies.


One of the most important things for people to know is that balls produce approximately 250 million swimmers in a 24-hour period. Allow that to build and build and build and the balls feel heavier and heavier and heavier.
Then the cock gets into the situation, starts to bone up and twitch.
 Any movement causes additional stimulation and, eventually, we just can't handle it anymore. 
Then we're off to the races to relieve it all as soon as possible.
All which is far, far different than Blue Balls - which are caused by prolonged arousal without being able to ejaculate. Then we can positively get desperate to cum.
But, I'd be willing to bet that there are hundred's of thousands of men and women who wish they'd known that our teensy little swimmers can be sneaky devils... True story of fellow classmates of mine: "How in the world did you get pregnant? I never put it in!"
Ahhhh, but I'll bet you both stroked and played with that leaking cock, moving back and forth between it and that wonderful little nub of hers.
Never once did you think all that nice slippery, wet pre-cum
could contain sperm. Surprise!
Something we should have been made aware of that was never explained to us.


Hot guys pictures said...

Think in the picture B, that is Kevin Crows, the gay porn superstar. <3

A French Patrick said...

Photo 7 = Florian Nemec, obviously.
Who Else? Me? You are so sweet, but alas not.

You have not answered my question: "Conclusion?" on your yesterday's update.
Since, I foud an answer: the sexual instruction imparted outside the home.
Fortunately it is more and more taught at school, but still too little and rarely, not to say never, thorough and extensively.

Have a great weekend, my dear friend, with alot of bisous.

A French Patrick said...

A French Patrick said...

A French Patrick said...

@ Hot guys pictures
You are right, it's him, and I believed that this gif comes from a gifset of 4 gifs, but I found only this one with 3 gifs:


Have a restful weekend! Thanks for your visits! Not sure if I'll keep posting. So few comments! Patrick

Jean said...

As far as men's equipment, we don't pay nearly as much attention to you all as you do to ours and other men. Until I started reading your blog I can honestly I didn't obsess over male bodies ever, but now I AM starting to notice.

I've also noticed that men hide themselves behind long shirts, "dad" pants & shorts, etc. like they don't want us to see anything. It seems gay men are much more comfortable wearing clothes that accentuate their assets whereas we women do this every day! Also, what's with all the shaving? I can understand a trim but why do men like the total hairless look for themselves?

Which gets to the "full frontal" and why it's never shown. Men are the ones obsessed with SIZE, not us!!

SickoRicko said...

Pre-cum is oh so tasty!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I think you're right. I think many straight men are ashamed of their equipment, and the more conservative our country becomes the more prolific the attitude.

The full smooth body look became popular with the coming of age of the male super model; though it began in the body building competitions as a means of showing off the muscle definition.

Full frontal is still considered seedy, unseemly...why I don't know. Though some cable TV is finally showing male frontal nudity on occasion. Just saw a new HBO series with frontal - sort of... We got the base, we got the balls, we got a quick glimpse of a semi, we got the head of a hard-on as the actor stroked... Maybe we'll actually get more comfortable with seeing a man's dick. Then, maybe, just maybe, clothing designers will stop all this baggy stuff. We can only hope that men can and will lose the embarrassment.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, it is becoming scarce to be taught in our school systems here... Sad, but true. Our own LGBTQ Center has begun (free) sex ed classes for any student who cares to attend. I say, "God bless them!" because it is surely needed.

whkattk said...

@ LP - Ah, my liege, we all love some type of feedback on our postings, that's for sure. I can say, I would surely miss your posts. I really enjoy them.

Xersex said...

@sickoRicko, about taste I prefer cum.