Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hygiene : Cum Clean-up

Back in my days on the stage, one of my co-cast members was always joking around about sex. Sexual innuendo abounded whenever he was around. After his wedding and he returned to the show after the honeymoon, he remarked about how many cum-covered towels he'd left for the housekeeping staff of the hotel. Something I suspect they expect to find - particularly from a young couple. He wrapped up by saying he and his new wife had purchased a large stack of hand towels to keep next to the bed - upon his grandmother's advice! "She told us to always keep a stack of clean cum towels next to the bed. So we do."

Good advice. You'd have thought his dad would've been the one to tell him that, but still... It's actually good advice for all guys, married or single, gay or straight. It's more common sense. Whether it's from partner sex or jacking off, the cum needs to be cleaned up, right?


Enter the official cum rag

Though most of us use a variety of things. Toilet paper (which falls apart too easily).
Facial tissues (which shred and fall apart).
Paper towels (which are rough and scratchy on sensitive skin)
A variety of clothing items (careful guys, cum does stain)




Hand towels


Those Man Wipes I mentioned last week would certainly do the trick. And they're sized for the job.
But now come Wank Wipes.
With a condom shape these things are designed specifically for jacking off. And it's a real thing, infused with lovely aloe for a soothing cleanse of your pecker, and about ready to hit the market. Just as a lot of us did when we were young and horny and slipped a sock over the end of our cocks when we shot our load,
Wank Wipes are used in exactly the same way. Enjoy the pleasures for as long as you wish. When you hit that Point of No Return, you know you're going to cum no matter what you do, slip one of these over the head and blast right into it.
Then wipe your cock clean and flush the wipe when you take your post-cum piss
More and more products for Male hygiene. It's about time, right?
So what do you use?


A French Patrick said...

You have not said if the stack of clean cum towels was needed because his girl was a squirter who literally shooted out lots of her vaginal fluid from her vagina as she climaxes or if it was was because she shooted his own sooooooo abundant cum from her pussy.
I wonder if what was the more overflowing was the cum or his imagination.
Anyway, it's a great lesson in modesty, in decency, and in discretion which gives us an opportunity to learn a sample of what should not be said.

On the contrary, I see no problem in wishing you a wondrous day, mon cœur, as always with a lot of bisous.


Have used a variety of things in the past! Now! Ah! Well! The past is the past! Great advice as always! Nice pictures too! Thanks, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

I keep my hand towels in my one nightstand drawer. But I'm the Lad is here, well no evidence or clean up....he swallows.

Queer Heaven said...

Must admit that I try to slurp up as much of my cum as I can before I grab my Cum Rag

Jean WM said...

OK, I can't wait to see the guy in line at the grocery store with the Wank Wipes! Lots of bisous to you and FP.

SickoRicko said...

Jerry and I have a stack of bar towels next to the bed, they're just the right size.

Xersex said...

for that reason cum should be always swallowed!
I use the paper handkerchiefs!

Fullmoonma said...

We have drawers on each side of the bed with cum rags at hand. Works for my partner who comes frequently by himself, but when we're together I'm the cum rag. After jacking him off we spoon together! When I come I'm usually surprised. I rub the come into my body and then get up to find a towel to wipe my hands. I guess I believe that come is too valuable to just wipe up?

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I'm sure he'd hear a lot of chuckles and sneering laughter - all while those laughing are wishing they had the nerve to buy them. LOL.

Anonymous said...

When I lived with my mom I used paper towels and buried them in the trash With dad I have a pile of small towels Fuck I hope the judge doesn't send me back to my moms house

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Let your father know I'd still like to hear from him on the progress of the situation.

Anonymous said...

the only advice I ever get was to use a sock, and I kind get ashamed when my dad said it don't know why...