Monday, May 23, 2016

Naked When You Want to Be

Thank you all so much. I had a glorious three days. Went on a long shopping spree with my wife, got haircuts, discussed going for a massage. She's still wanting to get one, but afraid. For some reason she thinks every place is a "happy ending" kind of establishment. Of course, she knows I always - always - used to get a boner during a massage, and she couldn't help but to start with the jokes: "You know, my third leg feels awfully stiff, do you think you could massage out that kink?"
Well, if a masseur is doing his job, full relaxation will cause a hard-on. It simply used to be a physiological reality for me. And, we should have no shame or embarrassment in being open and honest with a spouse, right?
Well, apparently, it's not that way for everyone. I'm a bit of an HGTV junkie - especially when it comes to Caribbean Life and Island Life. So, one couple touring a home enter the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. It has only an archway - no door - and a large pane of glass to provide that open feeling and allow plenty of light. The first words out of the husband: "No privacy at all."
Now, okay...sure, you'd clearly see someone at the sinks (perhaps shaving or brushing teeth),
or in the shower,
but the commode is tucked away in a corner. You won't be able to see anyone sitting on it, and it's not like you'd see even a side view of him taking a piss.
But, my point is this: You're married. One would think you've seen one another naked.
One would think she's seen you with a boner - 
Or, at least some morning wood if not during sex.
One would think you've maybe even showered together (great sex can happen in the shower), so she's seen you soap up your cock, and your balls.
And, there's little doubt that you sprouted a good hunk of wood while doing so.
So, why the need for such "privacy" in your own home with a spouse or partner? Married or partnered, you should at least be comfortable being naked anywhere inside your home
and not have to relegate that to the bathroom and bedroom.
Do you need to hide from your spouse during your evening or morning routine?
Can you be naked when you want to be?


Xersex said...

very interesting! Happy new week!!!

RockHard said...

I wish. Wife's favorite question used to be "can't you get dressed?" She finally gave up. I'm a naturist at heart. Wife gets regular massages. She was after me for the longest time to get one. Finally gave in. LMT: Remove whatever you're comfortable with. I knew what she meant so I said "everything, glutes are muscles too." She barely brushed the sides of my butt cheeks. I fully expected a good kneading. I won't go back. Did't tell wife why. She wouldn't understand. No chance of a boner with that LMT. Too bad. That would've been fun. Wife doesn't want me in the bathroom even if all she's doing is her makeup. Sometimes I go anyway.

A French Patrick said...

The third leg of your wife about which she speaks in her joke plunges me into abysses of perplexity!
I always believed that the third leg was a thing with ball, what is not the case of a clitoris as far as I know.

As regards your questions, a) I hide nothing from the spouse that I have not, and I would hide nothing if I had one wife or a hubby, and b) I can be naked when I want, in the limits of the laws.

Fortunately, up to now no law forbids me to wish you a wondrous day, my darling, with lots of bisous.

SickoRicko said...

I love HGTV! Jerry and I are naked all over the house whenever the temps permit it. Only one window do I have to close the blind because it's too close to my neighbor. Shortly after they moved in they attached very large pieces of cardboard to their carport (the kind refrigerators come in) and it occurred to me that they could see me through that window. After I got in the habit of closing the blind, the cardboard was taken down.


As I live alone I have no worries! Great post as always! So pleased you enjoyed you days "off"! Thanks for your visits and comments!

Jean WM said...

I agree, I don't understand the problem. It seems these days with smaller families, everyone requires their own bedroom and separate baths.

Many of us grew up sharing a room with brothers or sisters, so not a big deal. We had just one bath for the whole family when I was growing up. I've stayed in hostels in London and shared a shower/toilet. I think this prepares you to share a home.

But don't get us started talking about shared toilets here!! We're ready to go to war over it!! Truly. It's "we're all going to die" if we have to share a toilet with the opposite sex!!

mistress maddie said...

I have often wonder what the sigma with this is. I know gay men, single, dating or married are not like that. But the married straight couples I know are very funny about what you talked about here. I wonder why that is???????? Im confused. Like you said their married and have had sex, so what's the problem????

AOM said...

We have sex all the time but I don't him to see me naked. LOL That's funny and also sad. I wish everyone can learn to be comfy with their bodies and unashamed to be naked. Wishing you bonerific day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

I love being naked in my home. Get up on the weekends and don't get dressed (I sleep nude). I come down to enjoy the quiet house before my husband wakes. He comes down a bit later with a smile on his face knowing I'll be naked for a few more hours. Oddly though I'm still working on getting comfortable in a locker room situation. It makes me very anxious and aroused. :(

Fullmoonma said...

We usually dress for warmth and keep the temperature about 72 degrees so we don't have to wear much at all. In the country we're usually naked for most of the day, less so in the city. We do tend to masturbate when we're in different rooms though...

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having to hide my body from my husband. Out of courtesy we give each other privacy for bowel movements. Neither of us has a perfect body, he's 69 and I'm 66, so go figure. But we are comfortable with the bodies we have don't purposefully hide them.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your posts today. The gifs are especially stimulating. Well, I got my usual big whack boner. I agree that nudity at home is important. As I said earlier, I do jack-off regularly, but I do also have a lover and we are usually walking around without anything on. I love watching him moving about with a hard-on, and I know he loves seeing me with my cock sticking out. We do, of course, have sex, but we also enjoy watching each other jack-off.

Sex is such a good thing.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Of, course, her joke was about me and my boners. And, I'll bet you knew that. :-)

A French Patrick said...

@ whkattk
You are surely right and nobody can know this better than yourself.
But you wrote "she couldn't help but to start with the jokes: "You know, MY third leg feels awfully stiff, do you think you could massage out that kink?"
It would have been less confusing if you had said: she couldn't help but to start with quoting my joke, etc.