Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Am a Man

Balls! Well, sort of. This photo (below) comes courtesy of French Patrick. 
At first one may think the man pictured has put a vacuum device to his nuts,
which a large amount of men do, and really shouldn't! While guys may think they're after this thinking it's cool and sexy

They could easily end up with this
But, I suspect the man in the photo Patrick sent actually suffers from a condition called Scrotal Edema - which may well have been caused by ball pumping.

"Scrotal edema is a prevalent issue. It is difficult to treat and has a myriad of causes. Scrotal edema can be uncomfortable to the point of limiting mobility and activities of daily living. Though debilitating, it can be managed conservatively if treated before fibrotic tissue changes occur. Because it is a sensitive area and is located between the lower extremities, scrotal edema can be particularly painful and difficult to treat. Patients with scrotal edema are often reluctant to move, which results in even greater debility due to deconditioning. The longer the edema remains in the scrotum, the more likely fibrotic changes will occur that may require surgical intervention. Historically, treatment for scrotal edema is varied and does not often return the patient to his prior functional status." - Medscape.com

Guys, I cannot stress this enough. If you have issues with the package go see a doctor! This fear we have reporting issues is really shame and embarrassment of our parts. Those emotions are embedded in us by generations of Puritan attitudes. But, you can rid yourself of them! Repeat after me:
"I am a man."
"I have a cock."
"I use it to piss."
"It has a natural, physiological function that gets it hard."
"If properly stimulated, it explodes with geysers of cum."
"I have balls."
"They have a natural, physiological function. If not affected by trauma, or disease, they produce sperm, which is contained in my cum."
"My man parts produce pleasurable sensations for me, and it is perfectly natural and normal that I engage in activities like jacking off in order to enjoy that pleasure."
"My doctor knows all of this. Therefore, I have no reason to be too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss these things with him (or her)."
"That will help keep everything in perfect working order."

Tomorrow, we'll (hopefully) take a lesson from Thomas Manning, as we delve into newly charted territory with an article sent to us by wonderful Faithful Reader, Jean, which will be much more pleasant - I promise.


A French Patrick said...

Bravo, and thank you for your answer as complete as learned.

As for me, I am QUITE SURE that it is the result of the use and the overuse of ball-pumping with a vaccum device because it is the photo of an exhibitionist who, having meet his objectives, shows his balls with a great pride. A pride nearly as great as his stupidity, and that speaks volumes.
These twats do not know the damage they do to themselves.
One more man who has not been lucky enough for reading your 15th of the month’s updates.
Good thing there are some oases of common sense such as your blog.

How can we be happy to have our balls in a state so pitiful? How can we show them proudly? How can some commentators say that they are wonderful and yummy? Why there is no limit in the masochism? How we can confuse the worst and the best and apply so much the worst to oneself? I have perhaps turned into an old twat who understand nothing, but I doubt that the young twats understand better than me.

I wish you a wonderful day, mon chéri, with tons of bisous to share with our dear Jean.

Anonymous said...

Some of these guys inject saline into their scrotum to make them huge like that.


Wonderful information! Even if the images are a bit off-putting! Trust all goes well for you!

SickoRicko said...

I can't even imagine doing that to my balls.

Jean WM said...

Men don't have the need for periodically seeing a doctor for birth control, pregnancy like women do so they may go for stretches without seeing a doctor and it just gets easier to hope for healing. Actually it often works out but then stuff like this comes up.

Also, alot of folks in the USA didn't have health insurance. The ACA (Obamacare) added about 20 million, like it or not, that's a good thing.

Xersex said...


mistress maddie said...

Why a guy would even do that is beyond me. The cock and balls is already beautiful to behold, they would anyone do this freakish thing to themselves!?!?!?!?!? I too have had guys use saline injections too. NEVER play with Mother Nature.