Saturday, May 28, 2016

Open a Dialogue

So the month of masturbation celebration isn't only to encourage the activity. The purpose is to bring it out into the open; to open a dialogue about it. 
To admit to our friends and relatives that we do indeed masturbate and we thoroughly enjoy it so we no longer have to be ashamed and hide.
From room mates
Our buddies
Our brothers

Our fathers
Our sons

We don't have to be ashamed to ask to be a hooked-up with a group





A French Patrick said...

You are right. We've known each other for years and years and it is high time that we open a dialogue, you and me. That's why I send you my first comment. The ball is now in your court and it's all up to you now to show me what you're about.
Cuddles and bisous, mon amour.

Xersex said...

nice and sexy pics!

SickoRicko said...

Some great pix!

Jean WM said...

Well i've learned a lot this May. Thanks, Pat.

Anonymous said...

La foto siete, me recuerda mis primeras esperiencias. Yo tenia 20 años y él 43 años. Era el monitor del gimnasio que yo frecuentaba. Pronto empezó a fijarse en mí y tras interesarse por mis ejercicios, poco a poco fue seduciéndome hasta conseguir que me entregara a sus deseos.

Imagination said...

I agree with you, that the theme masturbation must be made more public. All passionate jerk friends should help to promote the celebration of self love and should try to make it more acceptable in society. I for myself support masturbation along with other sexual practises in my blog REAL SEX MAINSTREAM.

On the other side we also know the practical problems on this difficult way to talk free about wanking. Everybody who outs himself among friends, relatives and workmates and confesses to be a passionate masturbator, has a heavy stand. He is considered wrong and abnormal. And he is classified as sexually overexcited and crazy about insatiable desire. Although all know, that masturbation is normal and natural. And we also know, that the vast majority of them also is practicing masturbation secretly.

Masturbation is a personal and very intimate act. The vast majority of people during masturbation wants to be alone, unobserved and unaffected. That must be respected universally.

My suggestion is: If there is a good opportunity with a friend or an open-minded person you should grope yourself careful on the topic of masturbation. If there is great confidence a conversation will possibly arise. And perhaps after an intimate dialogue you can achieve agreement. But this will work only in many small steps. Give this arduous try a chance.