Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What We've Got

Rejoice straight dudes! 20% of all women don't care about the size of your cock.
Our mates across the pond have it the best when it comes to cock size. No, not because they're blessed with endowment. The ladies there have the most realistic expectations of all the women in the world. Brits are realistic...Poles, not so much, which can lead to disappointment when the package is unwrapped.
The difference between gender perception of "normal" or "average" length is pretty close. Men believe the average to be 5.6"; women believe it's 5.4".
When guys were asked what the "ideal" size would be? 6.5" Women, 6.2". The online sexual health site DrEd did the polling for these numbers, culled together in a wonderful article in the Daily Mail (brought to us by Faithful Reader, Jean). [Click the link to browse the entire article, with graphs galore!] It's amazing how close we are, isn't it?
But why the disparity between reality and ideal? Faithful Reader and fellow Blogger, Lord Patrick, has postulated that it's possible that gay art may have something to do with this. That then the larger depictions spilled over into the straight community. He may have a point.
Tom of Finland was very popular in his day; probably the most prominent.

Could "size matters; bigger is better" have flowed into the hetero male mind? Maybe.
Many straight dudes would patronize bathhouses because wives or girlfriends wouldn't agree to blow jobs (my first wife certainly wouldn't),
or allow their man to kick back and enjoy a hand job (she wouldn't do this either).
Enter the gay clubs...where they would observe which men got the all the attention.


We still love looking at guys with larger cocks. The adult industry knows it, and perpetuates this. Flaccid is typically not shown - there is always tumescence; those semi-hard-on's.
Boners - well, the proper camera angle can make a cock seem larger than is actually is

as revealed in this final shot
But, cheer up, men! In our hearts, and in the hearts of our spouses and partners, we know the reality.
And, in general, we're quite happy with what we've got, and we love our cocks.


Xersex said...

very interesting!

A French Patrick said...

"20% of all women don't care about the size of your cock"
Which size? The lenght? The breadth?
And how many women care about it in the same time as they consider that it's a minor problem, or even that it is not a problem?
And how many women care about it, but only when it is microscopic or gigantic?
Ah, the polls and the way of formulating the question...
Ah, the difference between don't care, don't care a lot, don't care at all, etc.
All this is also misleading as the angle of shooting.
I prefer your last sentence.

I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with lots of caring bisous of all the sizes.

RockHard said...

There's a site for men who think they are too small.
It has become a site for so much more. Even I participate in the forums every now and then. No site should be used in the place of professional help if that's what's needed. Even so many men have found the help they needed. Thanks, Jean. I apprediate your comments and your blog suggestions.


Great again! I remember a friend saying, "If it reaches the navel it's good! If it passes the navel it's great!"

Jean WM said...

Women are only so deep and then you run into a dead end. All the action is actually most appreciated at the entrance. Voila! Girth wins the day! (With a little enthusiasm thrown in!)

SickoRicko said...

Excellent post!

AOM said...

I enjoy my 21 incher - and my enlargement mirror LOL - I've never cared about size - I just love cock. To me, larger ones are nice to look at but smaller ones are more fun to play with. Regardless of size they are all magical. I wish you a jizz-tastic day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

that one guy said...

I like to say your cock is like your dog: it may not win any national competitions, but it's the one you love most of all, because it's yours.

(Also because it doesn't matter how big or small it is, someone will always want to play with it.)

Tim said...

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whkattk said...

@ MFP - Length, of course. Girth rarely seems to be an issue for guys; it's the length which gets comments - whether in admiration or sorrow. Therefore we want men to know that size doesn't really matter.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - "Women are only so deep..." as I discovered with a woman I dated for about 3 years. She had to tell me to stop thrusting so deep...well, all I as trying to do was get the whole thing in.

whkattk said...

@ Rock Hard - I joined about a year ago, but have never participated....

Anonymous said...

no matter what size the pleasure is the same