Thursday, May 26, 2016

So Why Not?

"My son came home from school and caught me laying on the couch watching porn on my laptop and stroking the stick right at the peak. I had nothing to cover up with except my hands and wasn't able to stop my ejaculation. I fumbled around like an idiot embarrassed as hell. He grabbed a handful of paper towels and handed them to me and he was laughing the whole time. I still can't look him in the eye and now I can't believe how guilty I feel about the whole thing. What do I do to get over this?"
Well, now... I'd say it's typically that mom or dad are the ones "catching the kid in action" and have to deal with smoothing things over.
But, it does happen this way sometimes. There's nothing to feel guilty about. Really.
I'd suggest you take the first opportunity to have a talk with him. But you must make light of the situation. Because, chances are he's known for a long, long time that his old man jacks off. And, apparently it didn't bother him to see you with your cock in your hand; certainly not if he brought you the towels so you could clean up. Hell, you can even laugh about it. That's the best way to let him know, to get him to understand, that no matter how old we are and regardless of our relationship status, men jack off. It's pretty plain and simple.

 Plus, what better time of year could this happen than Masturbation Month? It's a great opportunity to let him in on all the reasons we do. Yes, first and foremost is likely to be that we're horny, but tell him about the other myriad reasons. But, truly, just because it feels good, we enjoy it, so why not?


I think it's great that he didn't make a big deal about it. Now it's your turn to make it something normal and common. In fact it's so common there are multi-millions of guys stroking away right at this moment.



 Hell, some of them acknowledge it's so common, they're stroking together.




Xersex said...

it's a great opportunity for a dialogue!

A French Patrick said...

From me, a great warm bravo, three cheers and huge congratulations go to the son. No shame in this story, except as regards the father and only for having felt himself guilty in front of a son of whom he should have been very proud. The father has to tell nothing else to his son than his pride of his healthy and natural reaction.
I wish to have such a son to all the fathers, and I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with lots of bisous.


Love the story! Great post again! Thanks for your visits and comments!
I have a conference to attend today, not a day for fun or games! Have a restful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Man congrats to the son, the dad would have had this conversation before. Mine showed me proud his collection of playboys he started with his brother, today it's the laptop and he knows it, just be friendly

SickoRicko said...

Great post, great pix!

mistress maddie said...

I don't care how many time we say its fine we all jack off and not to be embarrassed by it, I don't think it's sinking in with the public. We all do it, don't be upset....join in a say.

Jean WM said...

Yes a good post and the father is 90% there based on his son's first reaction. (He must already be doing something right.)

The rest should be easy if he takes your advice.