Friday, May 27, 2016

Info Here Is Amazing

Remember the guy who wrote in because his wife had gone "bat shit crazy" over her sons jacking off with a few buddies? Imagine my delight to find this email waiting for me this morning. It's fairly long, but worth the read.

"Seeing today's post reminded me I still owed you a response. But that dad - I feel his pain - though my two sons walked in on me at a much younger age. I thought I had them occupied watching Finding Nemo when they walked into the bedroom to find me spread eagle and pounding my pud. When they asked what I was doing, well I didn't know what what to say. They were both too young to understand masturbation so I just told them "Daddy's stones hurt and he's trying to make them feel better." They both said "Oh." The younger said, "We're hungry." The older said, "Yeah, can we have some cereal?" LOL.

Anyway, part of the reason it has taken so long is that I didn't want to tell you until it was all over. I didn't want to risk my ex finding out about the blog, or especially that I'd led both of the boys to it. I stopped the older one from leaving any more comments. I told him it jeopardized the blog. I mean what if someone noticed and they reported you. That would be awful!

This was quite a mess. My wife reported us to CPS. They showed up and tried to haul my son out of my place. He refused to go. He actually locked himself in the bathroom and threatened to run away. They left, but we got notice the next day he had to show up in family court because legally he should be with his mother.

I called my lawyer and we went. I thought we were in deep shit when it turned out to be a female judge. I even whispered to my lawyer that we needed to ask for a man. He told me to keep my mouth shut and let him handle it. When the judge asked my son why he wasn't where he belonged, he looked over at his mother and just blurted it out. "She caught me jacking off and threw me out." After the judge admonished him for the language, she decided a new custody hearing was in order and scheduled it for several weeks later. In the meantime he stayed where he was.

Oh, my ex was pissed! I didn't help things when I told the judge she had refused to allow me to see my younger son. I couldn't believe how cool this judge was. She pointed a finger at my ex and told her flat out she was breaking the terms of the agreement. And then added my younger one to the custody case. I though my ex's head was going to explode! I kind of wish it had.

I forgot what it was like to have a kid in the house all the time. We adjusted but it was a long five weeks. We sure had a lot of discussions based on your blog. I mean A LOT!  I think he's read through more than half the posts already. And hearing my son say "cock" and "cum" took some getting used to. Guess it's tough sometimes to realize your kids are growing up.

Anyway, the judge decided my oldest was old enough to make the decision for himself. The psychologist on hand was a brilliant suggestion. So thanks for that! The younger stays with his mother. He's not very happy about it, but that's the way it is. My lawyer says we can file a petition in a year or so and that seemed to satisfy him. At least he;'s got something to look forward to.

In the meantime, neither one seems afraid to ask me anything. I've gotten to the point where I'm very comfortable talking to both of them about their bodies and sex. So maybe the whole mess was a good thing. Look for the silver lining, right?

Thank your readers for me for their support. Your blog is the best. I hope it's around for a long time. the only thing that I find disappointing is that more straight men don't comment. I mean, I get it that most of the pictures aren't exactly what gets them off, but the info here is amazing. I've learned more in one place here than from a dozen so-called straight internet sites. So believe me, I'll keep reading if you keep posting.
Thanks again."

Well, even a partial win is worth celebrating. Keep your younger son in the loop and things should be fine.
Enjoy the weekend. Get naked and celebrate Masturbation Month.

















Because things are about to come to a close on the month-long celebration, I shall schedule posts over the weekend.
I hope you enjoy them.


Not Alone said...

GREAT News... Sexuality, masturbation and nudity are so hard for people to talk about. we make it so dirty. I think I'll get naked and work the rest of the day....

RockHard said...

This is for the dad and his two sons. My ex didn't take kindly to male masturbation. She had a cousin who divorced her husband after she caught him at at. Ex let me know she felt the same. She left me when our son was three. She accused me of being homosexual and told her parents who did all they could to distance me from my son. It was ugly. I had to go back to court when she didn't follow the rules and allow me to see him. We haven't spoken to one another since. Now for the irony of all ironies. My son is gay, out and proud. I love him to bits. He's the best. Oh, and I'm still straight. LOL
Hang in there. Do the right thing. Whatever you do don't say one negative word about their mother. They'll grow up and realize which parent had their best interest at heart.

A French Patrick said...

A cocktail of all that we should not make. The elementary precautions which we do not take for being not seen. The prejudices of the wife who reacts badly. The prejudices of the husband who is afraid of being judged by a woman. Why are not we capable of making the difference between a prejudice and a knowledge? Why do we confuse a prejudice and a certainty?
As for the reaction of the children we can think that it is because they found nothing of shocking in what they saw and that they were satisfied by the answer of the father. But we can also think that they wanted to evade a subject which made them feel ill-at-ease by speaking about something else. A detail, why and how the wife has been aware of what happened?
Anyway, I shall not miss your shedduled posts and I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with lots of bisous.

Anonymous said...

Hope one of the scheduled posts is at least somewhat armed forces themed. After all, it is Memorial Day weekend here in the USA!

Jim from Austin....


Great news! Was at a long and important meeting yesterday! Not sure how much longer I really can continue blogging! Trust you have a great weekend!

Jean WM said...

Wow, divorcing someone for masturbation! Imagine that. She "caught" him. I sure hope that we are making some progress with your Blog, Pat. That's awful!

SteveXS said...

Great post. Guys need to feel totally comfortable about doing what's totally natural. And raising their sons without fear.

Xersex said...

and if she had caught his husband fuck and being fucked in a orgy, as I can see "straight" men at my sex club every sunGAY afternoon?? probably she would have died on the spot!

divorcing for a masturbation? Can't believe it, they probably had other problems: first of all lacking of dialogue!!!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific! Really terrific!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - You won't be disappointed.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - No, this was the report from the man who's ex-wife went berserk when she found her two teen sons masturbating with a few friends, and threw the older one out of the house - only to then insist he come back.

mistress maddie said...

What a great turn out! Congrats to him on being an open, hip and good father! I do agree with him on the straight readers. I have told friends of mine to have a look see. They did peer, and couldn't get pass the mostly male content. I said look pass the pictures and read the content. I don't think some guys can get pass seeing pictures of guys jacking off together as not a gay activity. It goes much deeper than just sex and being gay....they don't get the deep connection of brotherhood or bonding it can be. I have only one straight close friend. We do on occasion jack off together, it's very open and intimate. But we have never touched each other and wouldn't. We have a odd close bond, but its nice. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend my friend!

that one guy said...

This is great news. Sounds like pretty much the best of all possible endings, in the sense that if it had been any better (both sons coming to live with dad), the wife would have kept trying to destroy all their lives through the court system. As it is now, it sounds like she will have to shut up, for awhile at least.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - I know there are a lot of straight guys who do read, and on a regular basis. Some have asked me to "throw them a bone" once in a while. So, I do. Though I urge them to get past the prejudice of thinking that whacking off together is a gay activity. Because it SO is not. And, guys jerking off together without touching each other's cocks - as you and your straight buddy do - is so normal an activity. It's sad that so many straight dudes are afraid to even admit they masturbate...