Monday, February 1, 2016

The Facts of Boners

They're such a common occurrence that I sometimes think we get so used to the non-sexual ones that we take them all for granted.
Then there are the folks who continue to use outdated information to pass along on their blogs to unsuspecting readers. Or, they are trying to resurrect the old, totally incorrect "facts." Why would people do this? To strengthen shame and embarrassment among younger guys who haven't learned the facts behind the many erections we get in each 24-hour period?
For some reason, I've been waking from dreams - very vivid ones - which have absolutely nothing to do with sex. And, yet, my cock is hard. That is either one of many "Nocturnal Erections" we develop during sleep,
or "Morning Wood" which we guys experience when we wake.
These boners have nothing whatsoever to do with sexual arousal. It's the body supplying blood oxygen to an area which doesn't receive enough without an erection developing.
They happen during the day, too - without warning.
A man can be in the middle of a business meeting and his cock will begin to expand; nothing sexual about it.
As happened to me over the weekend, just walking through the grocery store, my cock snaked its way down my pant leg.
Blood Oxygen Erections (BOE) happen. They have nothing to do with being horny, thinking about sex, or needing to get our rocks off.


mistress maddie said...

Your lucky I wasn't in your grocery store. I may have grab it, thinking it was a zucchini.


WOW! Wonderful images!!!!! Felt like stealing some of them! great information too. Interesting point, Since my second prostate surgery I find it difficult to get a full erection but I sometimes wake during the night with a boner like a rod of steel! It's not because of a sexy dream, but it just happens. Hugs and thanks for your visits and comments, Patrick


Not sure what happened, but things went strange when I tried to leave my comment! Trust it went through all right!

A French Patrick said...

Sorry, just a word to send you my bisous and best wishes, my darling, for a wondrous day and a not let wondrous February.

SickoRicko said...

I sometimes have good wood in the morning, but it must be one of those BOEs.

Xersex said...

I know BOE can happen, but to me they has happened very rarely in my life! thanks for your comments to every post of my blog. Much appreciated!

Fit Studs said...

#8, please. Right there in the truck. :D

AOM said...

Great information helping to dispel myths and promore healthy attitudes. Thanks ever so much for all the help you give us. Wishing you a very beautiful day, bro. Huggin' and Strokin' and bonifyin' with you in Spirit, AOM

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Oh, my...I rather fear I would like that!

whkattk said...

@ LP - You steal any that you wish, my lord. Yes, those nocturnal BOEs are the most wonderful boners. Even I, with my M.D., will wake in the night to find my cock rock solid. A few grinds into the mattress before drifting back to sleep feels so wonderful!