Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cramp of Ejaculation

My experience yesterday might inform my opinion, but I can see this being even more of an issue if we were to go to full socialized medicine. I show up, wait in line, get to the registration desk only to have the woman tell me she has no appointment for me. Five minutes of verifying my name, address, and date of birth (a multitude of times), and she still finds nothing to indicate I should be there. After which she finally reveals that my neurologist is out of town on a family emergency... In other words, all of his appointments got canceled - and no one bothered to call his patients to let them know they would need to reschedule.
All of which results in my having to wait another month+ before he can take a look at what's happening.
My first doctor did inform me that a level of ED would be a normal symptom of my M.D. - and we talked about ways to boost the hardness in order to jack off,

because he did believe in the importance of boners and frequent ejaculations.
But he said I would never have cramping in the area. How I wish he had been correct in that assumption!
Imagine finishing up taking a piss
- and doing those quick, short kegel-like bearing down and squeezing-the-ass-cheeks to fully empty the bladder - and having the muscles in the perineum cramp up. Or having them seize up when your blasting a load of cum. Or simply sitting and watching TV and one hits... Oh, lordy! It feels like someone has taken the root of your cock, put it into a vise, and cranked down on it.
I would much rather go back to enjoying my boners and feeling - as French Patrick put it "tirer sa crampe" - only the cramp of ejaculation.








Xersex said...

love these guys squirting their creamy milk!

AOM said...

Very inspiring images - great to see so many wonderful ejaculations. Sorry to hear about your appointment. I honestly think they owe us money for OUR time when they do shit like not be there for our appointments and not call us to let us know. I hope you are well and jizzin' up a cum storm! Hugs and Strokes, AOM


So sorry to hear about your experience! The Medical Practice that I go to is excellent and is gay oriented, though everyone is welcomed. The doctor I see always lets me know when he will be away. I will be seeing him this morning to get the results of last week's blood and urine tests. As ever, a great selection of images! Thanks for your visits and comments, This Old Man!

Jean WM said...

Could there be an MD Forum on-line for men? There seems to be one for every condition. In a month of digging you may come up with some answers. I wonder if the doctor knows how his patients were treated.

A French Patrick said...

I did not believe in the reincarnation, but if you tells me that you had a "date of birth a multitude of times" my friendship obliges me to believe you.
Why do you say "socialized medicine"? In France, in any case, this has nothing to do with the politics and even less with the socialist or communist regimes. That works as an insurance policy, a mutualist system. We pay contributions, and we take advantage of it if or need it, and we pay for the others if we are lucky enough not to be sick. Exactly as in an insurance against theft, the fire, etc.

The medicine made progress which give the dizziness, but that is more and more expensive. A transplant of heart? Before, the person would die simply and it was much less expensive. The other side of the coin, it is that so as to limit the costs it happens that the supplementary quality is made to the detriment of the quantity of doctors, hospitals, etc.

I wish you to have a few problems as possible during these "month+" of waiting, and also to beging by a good day with a lot of bisous.

SickoRicko said...

I wish for you the cramps to stop!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I've found some on-line stuff. But, not surprisingly, none cover the issues of sexual function or health connected to M.D. Of course, as we are faced the inevitable of wheelchairs and feeding tubes, being able to get a boner and finding sexual release is the last thing most M.D. patients are concerned with. They may ask a neurologist about it - the doctor may even discuss the future of sexual function right at the time of diagnosis (mine did, with my wife present; we both thought she had the right to know). But, that's most likely as far as any discussions go. Which is sad, really, because those of us with the disease want to live as normal a life as possible, and that includes the enjoyment of sex.

Fit Studs said...

#3, pretty please!!